8 thoughts on “Taxation without representation”

  1. Thanks, Val,
    I found one for me and hope to be there. Now I’ll find places for my very few other conservative friends and tell them to be there.

  2. The truth is that California’s politicians do not represent the majority of the states citizens. They have control thanks to gerrymandering. Outside Hollywood, San Francisco, etc. most people here, regardless of party affiliation tend to be moderate. In addition, don’t underestimate the anger from the tax increases imposed by the state. The latest polls show that state bailout measures the spending whores in Sacramento are depending on are going down. That will force a replay of the budget crisis. The state is bankrupt, and we are beyond fed up.

  3. The spending here in California has gotten out of control. A proposition was passed here in November for a speed rail from San Francisco to L.A. that’s going to cost about $15 billion!

    As Ziva said, outside of Frisco and L.A., most Californians have common sense.

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