Americans are dumbasses

That’s what Rep. Barbara Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus are basically saying with regards to Cuba:

“It’s a country that we’ve had an embargo against for what, 40 years, but it hasn’t worked,” Lee said. “American citizens should have a right to travel to determine their own points of view.

Got that you dumbass gringos? Ignore fifty years of evidence. Forget all about the missile crisis, the attempts to bomb NYC, decades of anti-American rhetoric, scores of “the US is evil” talk, the murder of 4 American pilots, the subjugation of independent thinkers, the life stories of four generations of exiles, executions, arbitrary incarcerations, beatings, the systematic violation of human rights, the stripping of human dignity and the rafts that only head in one direction. Forget all that.

According to Rep. Lee, you all are too stoopid to make a determination on Cuba and the Cuban “government” with fifty years of historical, empirical evidence before you. Ignore the blood and the scars and forget about that guy that injected acid into both his arms so he could leave the island paradise. Forget all about it as you don’t have the intellectual wherewithal to make a determination on the realities of Cuba from the coziness of your freedom.

You must – MUST – be allowed to travel freely to the island to check things out for yourselves, dumbasses. Think of it like a trip to the zoo, only with mojitos and whores.