4 thoughts on “I’m sick and tired…”

  1. Henry,

    I saw that too, and changed the channel. He and a bunch of other idiots are drinking from some messed up wells. It is certainly something other than “Kool-Aid” with these buttwipes, you see, they’re still alive and the first ones who drank the stuff, died. Sometimes I do wish that these that we acuse of drinking the stuff suffer the same effects as the original “Kool-Aid” drinkers.

  2. Cuba’s chief problem is that it has produced too many scumbags of one sort or another. Any system can only tolerate so many dysfunctional components before it breaks down.

  3. Asombra, the late great Cuban author, Reinaldo Arenas used to say that. To paraphrase him, “nunca a visto un pais que a dado tantos canallas.”

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