6 thoughts on “What if Sarah Palin had said…”

  1. She’d be the laughing stock of the left…we’d be hearing it everywhere in all the news shows.

    I’m not much to get into individual gaffes, and believe many of the gaffes made by politicians today are sometime blown up by the media.

    But for a POTUS to have this kind of a slip, while abroad, is quite embarrassing. Of course, with the media double standard we’ll never hear about this.

    Exit questions, What if Bush had said it…..

  2. I just cannot believe for how much more the MSM will keep sweeping under the carpet Obama’s gaffes.

    Talking about bias in the media…unbelievable, totally freaking unbelievable.

  3. Notice that when he goes on and on about our common interests, he never mentions the word freedom. Isn’t that the most important thing we have in common? We all share an interest in spreading freedom throughout the world.
    And notice that the questioner could not contain her adoration of the messiah, even with his gaffe.

  4. If Bush had said the same thing, everyone and his cousin would be rolling their eyes and calling him an idiot. There is absolutely no question about that, and anyone in the MSM who denies it is a liar. They know there’s a double standard; they just don’t give a shit.

  5. Now we know why that Hahrvard Education is so expensive…they have to invent a new history, geography, etc. to teach to their graduates. Ever wonder exactly what our president did while “studying” there?

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