Amateur night at the Apollo White House

Ralph Peters in the NY Post:

Obama means well. Just as Jimmy Carter, his policy godfather, meant well. But the road to embassy takeovers and strategic humiliation is paved with good intentions — coupled with distressing naivete.

On every stage, Obama draped Lady Liberty in sackcloth and ashes, drawing plentiful applause but no serious economic or security cooperation in return. Then, in Turkey, he surrendered our national pride, undercut our interests and interfered in matters that aren’t his business.

On the latter point: Suppose the European Union president went to Cuba and insisted that the world’s sunniest concentration camp should be welcomed into NAFTA? That’s the equivalent of what our president did in Ankara on Monday when he declared that he supports Turkey’s bid for EU membership…

I believe that our president wants to do the right thing. But he doesn’t have a clue how. For now, he’s enraptured by the applause.

3 thoughts on “Amateur night at the <strike>Apollo</strike> White House”

  1. I do not believe he wants to do the right thing. I believe in his mind whatever he decides to do is right, but he wants to dismantle this country and change its very essence.

  2. I fully agree with you Honey.

    Let’s hope the American people realize this fact quick enough, otherwise we’re all in real deep shit.

  3. LMAO Apollo/White House. Our so called friends love us because they don’t have to do anything. And our enemies love us because they can do what ever they want. And the media has got the love bug. Its not Herbie and the Love Bug, Its Obama and the Love Bug.
    It should be a comedy. However, it is a horror show.

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