The Cuba that the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t see…

But Argentine journalists did:

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.

Part 6.

Part 7.

Part 8.

Note: I think Hilda Molina is a deplorable person but her case is useful in demonstrating that the regime is responsible for a policy of family separation.

Note 2: Yoani Sanchez is phenomenal in Part 3.

Note 3: In part 4, one of the Ladies in White shows a book written by her husband and signed with a personal note to the President of Argentina (Cristina Kirchner). He had hoped that she would meet with the Ladies in White when she came to Cuba. Of course she had her picture snapped with fidel and never met with the wives of these political prisoners.

3 thoughts on “The Cuba that the Congressional Black Caucus didn’t see…”

  1. Oh, but the Cuba experts that the maintream media such as the “venerable” New York Times employs would discard programs like that as coming from Miami television and therefore lacking total credibility.

    That’s why they never quote or even mention anything that comes out in Miami TV. Have you ever noticed the array of Cuba expatriates that parade in front of programs in Miami? People who used to work for the Castro brothers and have interesting information, dissidents, doctors, etc.. I’m sure that the NYT’s with their network of agencies, reporters and access to information know about them, but they are absolutely ignored. It’s have they didn’t exist.

    Tragically if the “liberal” MSM ignores programming like this, so will people like those members of the CBC that went to Cuba. And so, the Barbara Lee’s and the Maxine Waters’s of the world will go to Cuba with their blinders and pre-conceived notions [and biases] pre-concieved notions that are reinforced by newspapers like the New York Times and people, reporters like Anita Snow, or Cuba experts like those wonderful folk at the Lexington Institute.

    It’s a closed tight circle out of whose loop we are kept from entering.

  2. Hilda Molina made a deal with the devil and, inevitably, got burned. That is always the way, but unfortunately, that never seems to stop anybody.

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