The Bigotry of the Congressional Black Caucus

Well, it’s over. The Congressional Black Caucus wrapped up its junket down in Havana with statements ranging from “We’ve been led to believe that the Cuban people are not free, and they are repressed by a vicious dictator, and I saw nothing to match what we’ve been told” (U.S. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver) – to, “In my household I told Castro he is known as the ultimate survivor” (U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush). While Mr. Rush and Mr. Cleaver were busy coming to those conclusions at the protocol house where they met ailing former Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, family members of mine living less than 20 miles away were struggling to earn enough money through black market dealings to feed their loved ones. When bringing home the bacon in a nation with an economy entirely controlled by one man means a paltry 18 dollars per month – you do what you’ve got to do. Today, only 24 hours after this carnival of fools departed from the airport in Rancho Boyeros, those same family members will be visiting a small cemetery to commemorate the extrajudicial, summary execution of a family member many years ago by that man Mr. Cleaver seems to believe is anything but a “vicious dictator.” Thanks, Mr. Cleaver.

Let me be perfectly clear: the narcissistic propaganda campaign mounted in Cuba by members of the Congressional Black Caucus was akin to spitting on the memory of every noble man and woman who dared to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge back in 1965. Did you get that, Mr. Cleaver? How about you, Mr. Rush? For the members of the CBC, slavery in Cuba, where all profits are diverted to the overseers Fidel and Raul is A-OK. God forbid that same treatment should befall an African-American however. What I saw transpire in Havana over the past 48 hours was nothing short of unadulterated bigotry and prejudice on the part of the CBC, disguised to appear as a humanitarian effort.

I am absolutely convinced of the theory a rather eloquent Cuban author once put to me – ladies and gentleman: the Cuban people are perceived by much of the world as nothing more than a “bunch of spics.” And being “spics,” we are completely incapable of forging our own destiny or exercising our own sovereignty – we need a strong-arm dictator to keep the plantation slaves in line and literally force the bread down our throats. That’s where the mentality of your average fidelista comes from – it’s just that simple.

I am not opposed to truly honest and humane efforts to engage in dialogue with the Cuban regime from a stance of pushing for the release of political prisoners and allowing the formation of opposition political parties. If that had been the goal of the CBC in Cuba, it would have brought tears of joy to my eyes. What I saw instead was an effort to convince the world that my family members and yours – are able to enjoy the fruits of a benevolent leader who offers top-notch hospital care, free universal education and the ability to speak one’s mind without fear of reprisals. The members of the Congressional Black Caucus are anything but stupid. They know these so-called “facts” to be complete fabrication on the part of the Cuban dictatorship. And so, the only conclusion I can come to is that which I stated above: Emanuel Cleaver to the people of Cuba: “ Your spics. You can’t take care of yourselves so be thankful you’ve got Fidel – it’s the best you’ll ever do.”

I would kindly advise Mr. Cleaver and his colleagues to extract their heads from a part of the human anatomy normally reserved for the expelling of waste.

Many of Babalu’s readers and contributors go through life with an incredibly strong yearning to return to the land they will always call home. Yet the vast majority will never do so out of a firm conviction that until the dictatorship falls, not one penny should be plopped into the Castro piggy bank by any man or woman who so suffered under his rule. I have been lucky enough to work in Cuba as a journalist. And in that capacity, I continue to bear witness to the enduring hardships experienced by my beloved family. Fifty years into this nightmare dubbed the Cuban Revolution, I continue to see their tears fall when reflecting on their murdered loved ones, their inability to pursue higher education due to non-affiliation with the PCC, and a myriad of other humiliations Cubans have suffered in one way or another, each and every day for the past 18,000 days.

And so I declare the Congressional Black Caucus guilty of forgetting every injustice their own constituents, leaders and supporters have suffered over the years in the United States. They have forgotten the lessons learned during the march from Selma to Montgomery. They have turned their backs on the memory of all those who perished to bring an end to apartheid in South Africa. Yes, CBC members: you’ve sold out – completely and utterly.

The world doesn’t give a damn about human rights in Cuba. What the world gives a damn about is the sexy dream of what Fidel Castro was attempting to portray during his march from Santiago to Havana on January 1-8, 1959. Yet dreams do not erase reality and we are left with the realization that “we’re in this alone.”

Due to the efforts of groups the likes of the CBC, change will never come to Cuba through dialogue or any other peaceful effort. Change, unfortunately, will only come to Cuba through the spilling of blood. If all the official delegations that regularly travel to Cuba made a concerted effort to force the regime to listen to its slaves – er people – the dictatorship would fall. As it stands now, due to the free pass the regime gets and the fact that delegations like the CBC’s routinely arrive in Havana and fail to utter a single word about human rights – Cuba is damned to change through violence. And so I find myself in a similar situation to that of my family on the island – feeling the tears stream down my cheeks on yet another day as I anguish over their unconscionable bondage.

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  1. The CCC, communist congressional caucus, or the CUIC if you prefer, has shown its hand this time.
    Absolutely disgusting. Will anyone in the msm expose this group for what it is?

  2. Like I said yesterday – I am sick and tired of being “sick and tired.”

    Blowhards like the members of the CBC have no moral leg to stand on and preach about human rights, etc, etc, after this stunt.

    The CBC, Lula, Kirchner, all of you – you are enemies of the Cuban people. We don’t need you. We don’t want you.

    Cuba will change on her own terms, without the help of the international community – it’s the only way possible. We’re in it alone.

  3. Honey, these brazen hypocrites have already fully exposed themselves. This is not even remotely subtle. You probably meant, “Will anyone in the MSM condemn this group for what it is?” and we both know the answer to that question, certainly when it comes to the usual MSM suspects. The fact that these CBC people are prepared to proclaim despicable falsehoods means they have no honor, no decency, no respectability (unless they’re certifiably retarded, which is not the case), and I’m not just talking about the Cuba issue. Yet, they’ve been elected to Congress, repeatedly, and will probably be kept there by voters whose fitness to vote seems at best debatable. There are many other such people in Congress, and they’re there because enough voters were stupid or irresponsible enough to put them there. I don’t know what the answer is, but I repeat, it’s beyond obvious that if we don’t do what needs to be done ourselves, we’re never going to get anywhere. Cuba will never get the South Africa treatment, even though that would do the trick. We’ve given the supposedly freedom-loving world far more credit than it deserves. It’s time we stopped waiting for the tooth fairy.

  4. “In my household I told Castro he is known as the ultimate survivor,” says Rep. Rush. One can only conclude that Mr. Rush also deeply admires cockroaches.

  5. “We’ve been led to believe that the Cuban people are not free, and they are repressed by a vicious dictator, and I saw nothing to match what we’ve been told,” says Rep. Cleaver.


    Needless to say, I know better than any Cuban or Cuban-American possibly could on the matter. After all, I’m in Congress, and I’ve met both Castro I and II, and they were, like, super nice to me. I realize millions of “those people” would disagree with me, but let’s face it, they’re just Cubans, and nobody who matters takes them seriously. Some of them may be confused, but mostly, they’re just a bunch of liars.

  6. You know, I think I need to pen a post regarding the fact that slavery actually never existed in the United States. Did you all know that African-Americans descend from African immigrants who arrived in North America during the 16th century after a famine in Africa forced them to find more fertile lands? It’s true. Apparently, this nonsense about slavery and the so-called “Civil Rights” movement of the 1960s was a complete sham, orchestrated by a small minority of extremist Afro-Americans bent on world domination.

    I’m telling you – I’ve met with a couple of African Americans who told me all about this. And what they told me just flew in the face of everything I’ve ever read in history books, etc. Really incredible that there actually never was a single slave in either North or South America.

  7. Call me crazy if you will, but watching events unfold,I do not believe that the CBC are useful idiots. This is all orchestrated. They’ve been patiently waiting for years for the power to do this. And who is there to stop them? This is just the beginning.

  8. Just as a mental exercise, can anyone picture a group from congress going to Israel, looking Netanyahu in the eyes and proclaiming to the world, I love Israel and I have met an angel from heaven in this man?
    No, we are so far gone in this country that it is only when we meet someone from Hamas or Hezbollah, or a communist dictator that we must bow low,(talking about a mental image) and get excited that we met such an impressive person.
    This relates to the cult of many in this country who rejoice if America can be blamed and her enemies be fascinating. The election of Obama merely codifies this insanity. Listen to his speeches whenever he is talking to groups outside of this country. He finds America arrogant, not without fault, a country that has a lot to learn from others.
    How disgusting this all is. I have yet to hear Obama tell others in other countries about American exceptionalism. He not gives no evidence that he believes in it, he will do whatever he can to make sure it no longer exists if it ever did.

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