Yoani: Cubans may NOT eat lobster nor succeed in Business

Yoani Sanchez explains to readers of the Huffington Post how it is that having a moderately successful restaurant in Cuba is against the law.

The list of the “crimes” also contributed to my nausea: Selling “prohibited food” such as lobster and beef; having more than twelve seats in the restaurant; giving credit to the painters to eat there; becoming a patron of the arts; paying a huge electricity bill; having a lot of cash; and–what nerve–wanting to open a restaurant in Milan. As if it wouldn’t be much easier to authorize the sale of those creatures with antennae who live in our sea, to congratulate Juan Carlos for his work in promoting culture, and to allow each paladar to have whatever number of chairs and employees they decide. But no, to authorize all that would set off too strong a competition with the inefficient restaurants and cultural centers of the State. To admit that the Huron Azul would continue to progress would be to run the risk that one day its proprietor would want to found an art magazine or open a museum with his private collection.

This is the absurdist version of Cuba today, worth of Albert Camus. But there’s nothing a couple of hundred thousand American tourists (in addition to the 2 million tourists from other countries visiting Cuba annually) can’t fix, right?

2 thoughts on “Yoani: Cubans may NOT eat lobster nor succeed in Business”

  1. What I find most frustrating about all of this is that castro built his “revolution” partly on the canard that American tourists were exploiting the Cuban masses and a revolution was therefore necessary in order to kick them out. The mainstream media repeated this lie with sordid tells of Americans enjoying amenities in Cuba not available to the masses, of Americans going to Cuba and sexually exploiting Cuban women, etc.. and so did Hollywood [remember “Dirty Dancing”], academia and literature, yet, here we are 50 years later and castro wants Americans back in Cuba and the MSM is not calling him to task for it! In fact, they are going along with him. It’s unbelievable.

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