Cuba travel restrictions to be lifted

The beginning of the end for our hopes for a free and democratic Cuba.

President Obama will announce today that he is lifting travel restrictions that block Cuban Americans from traveling to Cuba and will relax the rules governing what items can be sent to the island, a senior White House official said.

The decision does not lift the trade embargo on communist Cuba but eases the prohibitions that have restricted Cuban Americans from visiting their relatives and has limited what they can send back home.

As a candidate, Obama promised to seek closer relations with Cuba, and courted Cuban voters in the key state of Florida. As president, he has signaled that he intends to move toward a greater openness.

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5 thoughts on “Cuba travel restrictions to be lifted”

  1. I agree with you,George.

    Unless a miracle happens,Cuba it’s going to have “socialism” for quite sometime.

    And Latinoamerica it’s on the same path.


  2. This is our cue to advocate for equal treatment for Cubans coming to the US. This lifting of restrictions turns Cubans into regular immigrants. Therefore the Wet foot/dry foot law should be repealed, along with the Cuban adjustment act. Any special consideration given to Cubans should be immediately repealed and ceased, and quotas established for their migration.

    Any Cuban stepping in US soil without a visa is an illegal immigrant just like all the others. I understand people want to visit their family and take stuff to them (even if they have to bribe officials at the airport to get it in). But if you want the right to visit your family as often as you want, then you need to deal with the consequences. Refugees don’t go home. Colombian refugees requesting political asylum have restrictions on traveling back home.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. And one thing I’ve always prided myself on is on being fair.

    You cannot have your cake and eat it too.

  3. George,

    Rest assured of this fact,

    In time Obama and his policies will end up discredited and the American people will regret big time electing him to office.

    This is a temporary setback that we knew it was coming.

    At the end, we’ll triumph because we know that the path that Obama and the liberals are setting for this country will be disastrous.

    We’ll be the ones having the last laugh, we just need to be patient now.

  4. It would seem that President Obama may well be remembered as Jimmy Carter on steriods, not only in regard to Cuba, but since this Democratic administration is trying hard to “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” in Iraq, and seems to be ready to throw Israel to the Muslim wolves. As to Chavez ni se diga …

  5. Larry,

    My gut instinct tells me that Obama will be worse President than the peanut farmer for the mere fact that this is a much more dangerous and complex time in history.

    During the seventies the only treat we were facing was Communism from the Soviet Union and China was still weak.

    Now we have China with all its economic and military power, Putin and Co. bringing back little by little the Old Soviet Union, North Korea and it’s nuclear ambitions and all these Islamo-Fascists headed by Iran and Co. working their hardest to acquire weapons of mass destruction to destroy the State of Israel, us and the Western World.

    While all this is happening the United States and the Western world are in the verge of economic bankruptcy.

    And the American people made the bonehead decision to elect this lightweight anti-American bullshit artist to lead them through this extreme turbulent times, go figure.

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