9 thoughts on “My, how times have changed.”

  1. Val:

    Never quite understood what happened … classic infiltration

    generational change

    black mail


  2. Just move along, folks. Nothing to see here. CANF is nothing more than smoke, and stale smoke at that. I’m surprised they even bother to keep up the sad little game. CANF stopped being a player long ago. It’s only way to stay “relevant” media-wise is to say and do what the leftist media wants. You’d think they’d at least have the decency or pride not to become establishment whores, but maybe that’s giving them too much credit.

  3. I think that its greed. He’s a businessman and that’s the bottom line. Tragically, a lot of Cubans are monsters of avarice and greed. I think that Jorge Mas Santos is probably looking at the business opportunities in Cuba. Remember, Cuba’s infrastructure–it’s wiring, etc..–is in shambles and Jorge Mas Santos’s company, MasTec deals precisely in that.

    Gloria Estefan is another example. Her father was a Bay of Pigs veteran and yet the no-talent, death tone bitch had Che-admiring Santana perform with her on her latest CD. Naturally, she could have had any other musician, but she choose Santana in order to market her CD to a broader audience.

  4. Great post. I believe the following happened:

    1. Jorgito brings in his old buddy Joedilocks to be the executive director.

    2. Joedilocks le comio el cerebro a Jorgito, telling him CANF needed to modernize, get with the times (i.e. be more “moderate”).

    3. Half the membership of CANF leaves and begins the CLC. Neither group is ever as powerful as CANF once was or has the legitimacy that CANF had.

    4, Joedilocks leaves, leaving the disaster of CANF in his rearview mirror, to pursue his true ambition which is to be an elected politician. Of course, he fails at that too.

    5. CANF, struggling to maintain relevancy begins to attack the President, other exile groups and otherwise thrash around sadly.

    6. CANF aligns itself completely with Obama’s campaign.

    7. Now in a critical moment when every ounce of effort is needed to ensure that this administration’s policies don’t result in a windfall to the regime (at taxpayer expense), CANF is minimizing the importance of the same embargo that it once fought tooth and nail to maintain and undermining efforts of the true liberty seekers.

    Ugh. I just vomited in my mouth a little, typing this.

  5. Gloria Estefan’s father, Jose Manuel Fajardo, was imprisoned in Cuba with other Brigade 2506 members who invaded the Bay of Pigs. He later volunteered to fight in Viet Nam, where he became ill due to Agent Orange. This caused his preamature death in Miami on November 16, 1980, at the age of 47.

  6. Henry,

    You may want to add the following:

    8. Jorge Mas Santos extracted a promise from Obama of allowing MASTEC first dibs into Havana’s business in return for his support during the last election.

    I know that this event is painful to watch now but there is a God up there watching these weasels misbehave. Eventually there’ll be justice one way or another. I’m convinced of this fact.

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