IBD does it again

Investors Business Daily editorial:

A little diplomatic history is in order. The travel and gift restrictions the president is removing were imposed by the Clinton administration during the 1996 election season after two aircraft operated by the Cuban exile activist group Brothers to the Rescue were shot down by Cuban MiGs.

Those rules were later strengthened by President George W. Bush as a reprisal against a crackdown on dissidents by Castro.

For those measures to be removed without getting concessions from Cuba can only demoralize that island’s freedom fighters and embolden Fidel’s brother Raul as he furthers his family’s legacy of subjugation of the Cuban people…

[Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart] added that the new policy toward the Castro dictatorship will “embolden it to further isolate, imprison and brutalize pro-democracy activists, to continue to dictate which Cubans and Cuban Americans are able to enter the island, and this unilateral concession provides the dictatorship with critical financial support.”