Random thoughts…

…from a Cuba embargo and restrictions cluttered mind.

“The US government has no right to separate Cuban families.”

I agree. Because we all know that the US government has been covertly kidnapping ordinary Cuban citizens and bringing them back to the mainland, and then, in acts of sheer, unbridled audacity, giving these poor kidnapped victims instant legal political refugee status to boot. Evil US bastards!

“More Cubans from abroad will help those on the island to understand the freedoms that living in other countries offer.”

But of course! It’s not like those dumbass Cuban natives want to leave the island under their own auspices or anything. Brilliant!! And those Cubans from abroad and tourists from other countries that have been going to Cuba for decades they must have all been deaf-mutes!

“Im glad more Cuban-Americans and soon Americans will be going to Cuba. That way, those dumbass Cuban natives will finally realize that the US is not the enemy!”

Yes! Absolutely! Because the US really couldnt stand anymore of those Cuban commando raids that hit US shores on rafts, boats, dinghies and innertubes on a daily basis! Why, Miami was turning into a regular Omaha Beach, and the gun turrets and pill boxes installed on South Beach are so un-Art Deco-ish.

“Unlimited remittances and travel to Cuba by family members will help all Cubans living on the island!”

But of course! Because we’re all kin. I myself have 11,237,563 cousins alone and now, thankfully, I can bring them all Nike’s and a pair of Levi’s 505’s. Stonewashed, of course. I hope Im able to convince them all to accept these gifts, being that they come from enemy territory and all.