April 17, 1961


“Secured from general quarters. We can’t believe it. What a screwed up mess. Some men are openly crying.”

Left to die, killed, captured, beaten, tortured, incarcerated. That’s what happened forty-eight years ago to the men of Brigade 2506 who took a stand against tyranny and fought for the liberation of their homeland. Today, the few that are left are still fighting. This time the enemy is indifference, indignation and shallow, undeserved criticism from those that declare them to be Cold War relics and hard line, anti-castro extremists.

I salute the men of la Brigada 2506 today, and assure them that it is indeed a privilege and an honor of the highest regard to stand along side them in that fight against tyranny.

5 thoughts on “April 17, 1961”

  1. A remark my mother (who incidentally was married on April 17th a few years later) once said to me has really stayed with me over the years:

    Most of these guys were either kids or guys in their 30s with absolutely no military training. So many of these guys were regular middle class joes – maybe lawyers, maybe insurance salesman, etc, etc – what they did took an incredible amount of balls, love of their fellow Cubans and country, and just sheer bravery.

    They may not have succeeded in bringing down the regime but they sent a strong message to Fidel & Co. that the Cuban people are a helluva lot tougher than they are.



  2. I also salute these brave men and consider it a privilege and an honor to stand along side them in the fight for a free Cuba.

  3. Val,

    Even worst than “cold war extremists,” they are now routinely characterized by the mainstream media and castroites as “mercenaries.”

  4. “Debiera tener un astro nuevo cuando cae en la patria un hombre que la defiende.” Jose Marti.

  5. Some of them were much younger than 30, not even out of their teens. In a very short period of time, they were forced by castro and conviction to go from beloved son, secure in their family,enjoying a happy youth to exile, freedom fighter, to political prisoner in their own homeland. God bless everyone of them, and I hope Kennedy is enjoying hell.

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