[r]aúl’s [c]astro’s Invitation to Argue

Oh Boy! If you read the press coverage of what just went on at the Summit of the Americas you might get the impression that hell has just frozen over. 

Or not. 

All the coverage is about a “thaw” in US-Cuba relations…finally, thank Mother Earth! 

If you read or listen to news, the buzz is that Generalitico [r]aúl made some kind of historic pronouncement on Thursday at some ALBA gathering in Caracas that was taken by the MSM and the US government as an “overture”. 

“We are willing to discuss everything, human rights, freedom of press, political prisoners, everything, everything, everything they want to talk about, but as equals, without the smallest shadow cast on our sovereignty, and without the slightest violation of the Cuban people’s right to self-determination,” 

He is quoted as saying. 

The new US administration is salivating at the “overture” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had this to say:

 “We welcome his comments, the overture that they represent, and we’re taking a very serious look at how we intend to respond.”

 Since historically we know Hillary has some issues gauging the truthfulness of megalomaniacal ruler’s statements ( she claims to have believed her husband was  not a serial philanderer but a victim of a vast right wing conspiracy) and her state department has problems with translations, (the Russian “reset” button faux pas), let me try to “esplain.”

 Here’s what [r]aúl actually said in Spanish:

 “Le hemos mandado a decir al gobierno norteamericano, en privado y en público, que estamos abiertos cuando ellos quieran a discutirlo todo, derechos humanos, libertad de prensa, presos políticos, todo lo que quieran discutir (emphasis mine)

 Now, “discutir” has been translated in English into “discuss” which I guess is literally correct. But to a Cuban, “discutir” means to argue, to debate. So when el generalitico said he wanted to “discuss”  everything, he meant he wanted to argue everything. He wants to debate the definition of human rights, freedom of the press and political prisoners.

 And if you listen to the rest of his vodka fueled diatribe, you can see that this is exactly what he does right after he makes his “overture.” He goes on to say that there is no real freedom of the press in the US, that the American political system isn’t really multi-party and that the political prisoners in Cuba are really just American spies that he wants to trade for the Cuban 5.

 This is no different than what the [c]astro regime has been saying for the last fifty years-The same tired arguments. And yet, President Obama proclaimed at the summit  that “the United States seeks a new beginning with Cuba,” which really means a new beiging with the [c]astro nostra. 

There has been no “overture” here. The only overture has come from and administration that hears what it wants to hear because it shares the same moral relativist  view of a world where there is no right or wrong, only nuance.

 But no, folks. It was an overture.

And on that note, I’m making an overture to a cold bottle of bud.


4 thoughts on “[r]aúl’s [c]astro’s Invitation to Argue”

  1. If being Cuban has taught us something that may not yet be apparent to many Americans, it’s that the mainstream press in the USA is worth squat. It never ceases to amaze me how they continuously drop the ball on Cuba and simply recycle old news as if it were something new and fresh. For instance, when castro allowed farmer’s markets in the 1990’s, they spoke about it as if it were a monumental economic reform akin to China’s genuine and very real reforms, even though Cuba had farmer’s markets in the 60’s. Every time that Castro has signed some international convention, they’ve talked about it as if it were a sign of something new and momentous even though castro always breaks whatever convention he signs.

    Whenever any of the castro brothers says anything, they hang on it as if it were the proclamation of Emperor Charles resurrected. Little does it matter than when castro, inc. says that they will discuss with the US anything “as equals” they mean that they will not make on iota of a concession.

    So much about this “thaw.”

  2. It’s a sitcom! No,it’s real life.

    Julia Sweig’s revealing gleeful quote. “This is longest Cuban news cycle since the missile crisis.”

    Well hell then something must be happening right?

    God help us, and Cuba.

  3. The MSM is falling for the crap Castro and Chavez are feeding. What’s worse is our President is believing the crap out of their mouths.

  4. Gusano; nice post. I hadn’t seen the full comments. BTW, did anyone care to notice that Raul was wearing his military uniform when he attended the scumbag summit in Venezuela? I wonder what all the ass-wipe liberals think of that message. No three-piece suit anymore. So, are we seeing his true colors, given that he wore it among his hate-filled douche-bag co-marxists, or is he just playing ‘nice’ with them? I think I know the answer, but it won’t matter one bit to those grovelling bastards in the White House.

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