Hector Perla Ph.D.: Apologist for Cuba’s Castro regime


I just finished what I thought was going to be an interview with Jamaican radio about Cuba and Obama. It turns out that I was one of TWO guests scheduled. The other guest was Hector Perla Ph.D. He’s a professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at UC Santa Cruz.

Among things stated by Perla without any basis in fact is that the regime is moderating under raul castro and that we should be optimistic about raul offering to “put everything on the table.” The professor contradicted himself though because he said that previously the regime had used the sovereignty argument to keep such issues off the table. But the truth is this latest rant by raul castro was no different:

“We are willing to discuss everything, human rights, freedom of press, political prisoners, everything, everything, everything they want to talk about, but as equals, without the smallest shadow cast on our sovereignty, and without the slightest violation of the Cuban people’s right to self-determination.”

So with this shield of “national sovereignty” the castro brothers continue to claim that it’s their right to murder and imprison Cuba’s citizens. And Dr. Perla thinks that’s reason for optimism.

But the real kicker was when were talking about political prisoners. I mentioned Dr. Biscet several times and I finally challenged Dr. Perla to come out and say that Cuba should release the political prisoners. His response was that the so-called political prisoners include 2 Salvadoran men who bombed Cuban hotels. I interjected that Dr. Biscet is an afro-Cuban physician and a pacifist who is recognized by Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience and challenged him to say that Dr. Biscet should be released. He refused to say it, claiming that he was not familiar with Dr. Biscet. I explained to the hosts that he is the most important political prisoner in Cuba and a follower of Dr. King and Gandhi who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Bush and that any “expert” who doesn’t know who Biscet is, is no expert. Perla said he’s an expert on international relations not Cuban domestic policy. So again he dodged the question. I said simply to the hosts that he won’t say it because he can’t say it. He’s not allowed to say it.

When pressed by one of the hosts if the regime should make concessions to meet the U.S. halfway, he refused again. Saying it’s premature. So they booked this guy with all of the regime’s talking points. I said flatly at the end that his silence on such matters is telling.

Judge for yourselves people. At best this guy is a pinko apologist for a murdering communist dictatorship. At worst he’s another Cuban agent of influence in academia.

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  1. Thanks for kicking ass and shredding his doublespeak, Henry.

    Just to think, this is the kind of escoria teaching in our colleges — on our dime.

  2. You might have said to him you are tremenda Perla” Remember that when as kids we brought a strange kid by our dad’s standard, he would call me to the side this Kid es tremenda Perla” Meaning this Kid is a gangster,LOL

  3. “At best this guy is a pinko apologist for a murdering communist dictatorship. At worst he’s another Cuban agent of influence in academia.”

    This “perla” is possibly both Henry!

    Of course he could not discuss Dr. Biscet and any other prisoner of conscience jailed by the communist regime … like most left-wingers or moonbats … their progressive dogma does not allow them to deviate and learn the “reality” outside their red books … as to the questions about concessions by the Cuban government … I believe that in his warped reality … the only line he knows and memorized as to why there’s an embargo in place is the broken line of … “returning property to the wealthy Cuban exiles and the US, seized by the Castro regime …”

    Thanks Henry! I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “Man is not free to watch impassively the enslavement and dishonor of men, nor their struggles for liberty and honor.” ~ Jose Marti

  4. Henry:

    That thing about “National sovereignty” in ultimate analysis merely means “I am king and stay out of my business, because I am the King,” circular reasoning…

    Kind of like King Kong

  5. Great post Henry. This guy is amazingly like a Cuba “expert” prof we had in USF years ago who was a total castro asskisser. Press him on an incovenient fact about Cuba, and he would claim ignorance.
    He also looked as much a gang member as does this yahoo with a Phd.

  6. Professor Carlos Eire went on NPR in Philadelphia for what he thought was an interview about Castro’s illness. He was blindsided by the interviewer because she also surprised him with a Castro apologist who mocked everything the Professor tried to say. I will never listen to another program with this woman as host again.
    William Buckley made himself a promise that he would never go on any program with anyone else. He would never debate. If he was going to appear, it was going to be on his own or he would refuse to participate. I think that’s a great idea.
    What are these people so afraid of? Do they imagine there are two sides to the story about Cuba? I believe anyone who feels the need for balance on this issue is someone who is an apologist for the Castros, period.

  7. Hector Perla has no academic publication record. Nothing on http://www.amazon.com. His Ph.D. dissertation, “Revolutionary deterrence: The Sandinista response to Reagan’s coercive policy against Nicaragua, lessons toward a theory of assymetric conflict” (2005), University of California, Los Angeles, was never published. That says a lot about his expertise.

  8. “Hector Perla has no academic publication record.”

    Hector Perla may be an idiot, but I think that he does have publications. (Really, it’s next to impossible to get a university job these days without a publication record, especially in areas like history and political science and the like.) You can find his publications easily enough using google scholar. Example:

    Grassroots Mobilization against US Military Intervention in El Salvador, Hector Perla Jr., Published in Socialism and Democracy, Volume 22, Issue 3 November 2008 , pages 143 – 159

    Not sure his publication record is adding to his credibility, though.

  9. Somebody get this guy an agent. He could make a very nice living playing a gang member, drug dealer or other shady criminal type on TV or movies. He couldn’t look more dubious if he tried. Sheesh.

  10. Fromage:
    Hector Perla does not have an ACADEMIC publication record. “Socialism and Democracy” is a recently new political magazine without academic accreditation and apparently no academic peer review.
    It is not difficult for Marxists in academia to get hired and receive tenure from their ideological friends. This is done through what is a questionable procedure called a “targeted search” for which a “head hunter” specifically seeks out someone they favor. Perla graduated from the same California University system at Los Angeles that quickly hired him at Santa Cruz. Usually, new Ph.Ds are first hired outside their own university system, unless they have an inside connection. If Perla doesn’t turn his dissertation into a book by the time he comes up for tenure soon, he should be dismissed, unless he has a sympathetic group of colleagues who support him. I know someone who has been promoted to full professor with no academic publication record and has been appointed chair of a department.

  11. “Socialism and Democracy” is at present a Taylor and Francis / Routledge publication and is in its 22nd year of publication (it started up in 1987). I would hardly call that a “recently new political magazine”.

    Having said that, I am making no claim as to how good or bad a publication this is.

    Anyway, that’s not his only publication. My point was that if you do a search (e.g., with the google “scholar” service) you will see that he has been fairly active, with some other publications to his name, conference presentations, and active student supervision.

    Incidentally, it appears Perla was hired at Ohio State as a faculty member prior to his going to Santa Cruz so I guess he did not necessarily have an “inside connection” at Santa Cruz after all.

  12. And I agree, he should have a stronger publication record before he comes up for tenure. But as he graduated in 2005 and just started at Santa Cruz, he still has some time. Neither of us knows what he has in the pipeline or what the status of his book is (except that it was being advertised as nearing completion late last year).

  13. Mr. Fromage seems to have found a new cause in defending the Marxist Perla and challenging me. His repeated replies have the imprint of a previously unmasked hysterical loser. Get a life and don’t expect any further replies from me.

  14. firefly, agreed.

    delacova, come on. Don’t be a grump.

    Perla is an idiot, we are agreed on that. But what you were saying about his publication record, his hiring history, and that journal S&D were all simply incorrect.

    Attack Perla for what he’s done (like being an on air idiot), not for stuff you imagined.

  15. Wow, so a serious scholar and I know him well is a gang member. Is it just that he is too brown and not white enough to qualify as a “real” academic. Also funny you did not pick his publications in The Latin American Research Review “Si Nicaragua Venció, El Salvador Vencerá:
    Central American Agency in the Creation of the U.S.–Central American Peace and Solidarity Movement” or the fact some of his unpublished papers (not unusual for a young faculty member) are being cited by serious people in the field.

    Get over yourself, you had a disagreement with him an honest one about whether or not the statement by Castro represents a change. Why portray the guy in a racist fashion or suggest he is dishonest or even an “idiot”. Perla is not an expert on Cuban internal affairs but on international relations and US foreign policy. He would not be familiar with the case of the Dr. Biscet and was commenting on the fact that the diplomatic language and for those trained in IR, is substantively different. You disagree as to whether or not it will have an effect, fair enough. But a range from comments like “loser”, “idiot”, “scary” , “gang member” “Pinko” “marxist” “escoria”- the name calling is shameful, racist and does not honor or give justice to the argument Perla made. Why not attack the argument on the substance and not the person? You don’t really know him and are making wild accusations and claims, stuff that in a lot of other countries would be libelous.

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