Learning from the slave masters

In a press conference after the Summit of the Americas last Sunday, President Obama said something about the Cuban dictatorial regime that has not been widely reported.  Speaking about the US embargo of the Cuban regime, which he branded as a failure, Mr. Obama claimed that US officials could learn “a thing or two” from the regime’s outreach to Latin America.

He [Obama] pointedly branded the strict embargo of Cuba a failure. He even suggested that U.S. officials have a thing or two to learn from Cuba’s outreach to Latin America. He noted that Cuba has made many friends by exporting thousands of doctors to countries in need.

This may come as surprise to our President, but the US already has s similar system in place it has been using for quite a long time: They are called chain gangs.


Perhaps Obama is planning on recruiting some American doctors, sending them off to some poor country, hosting their families while they are away, and paying them $20 a month for their service. The question remains, however, whether these doctors will have to wear the pinstripe uniforms.

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