Long Distance Call

Henry penned an excellent editorial for Real Clear World on what a conversation with raul and Obama would be like:

Obama’s Conversation with Raul Castro

Since he asserted in a campaign debate that he would meet Raul Castro and other despots without preconditions, Barack Obama has signaled that he is willing to engage in a dialogue with our enemies. The expectation of talks between Cuba and the United States are at their highest level in decades. Recently Hillary Clinton said of talking with the Chinese about human rights concerns that, “we pretty much know what they’re going to say.” Judging on past behavior and rhetoric by the dictatorship in Cuba, we can also pretty much predict how a meeting between Obama and Castro might go:

Read the whole excellent thing, right here.

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  1. Henry,

    Te la comiste! That’s exactly how the conversation would go. raul can dance around in circles around Mr. Congeniality.

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