Jorge Castañeda is an idiot – Part 2

Another column by Castañeda and another bunch of happy horseshit.  The highlight:

In fact, the opposite view is probably closer to the truth. If anybody scammed anybody, it was Obama who politically swindled his colleagues. He got something but gave them nothing: he received their applause, sympathy, good vibes and smiles, in exchange for a few pats on the back, the right body language and the incessant repetition of two or three buzzwords that the current crop of Latin American leaders simply revere: I respect you, I want to listen to you, we are all equals and, yes, we are partly responsible for the problems of the present and our mistakes of the past. But beyond these bromides, what did the Latins actually get? 

All of this talk of a more “humble” foreign policy really perplexes me. Are the fates of our countries really dependent on whether or not our leaders smile broadly and pat each other on the back? Does what Obama says not really matter as long as he says it humbly? And how if at all does this affect the ACTUAL relations between our countries? You know with regards to things like trade, cooperation on law enforcement, security, etc. I have a sneaking suspicion that this new great period in American diplomacy isn’t going to make a bit of difference to the average Argentine, Mexican, Chilean, Peruvian, etc. It certainly isn’t doing anything for Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and the other Cuban political prisoners. And what about Americans? I guess we’re supposed to feel better about ourselves because they “like” us a little more? Give me a break.

Then comes this:

But as Fidel has made quite clear, Raúl is only sort of in charge. In his April 22 newspaper column, Fidel wrote that Obama “misinterpreted Raúl’s statement.” The tax, he said, will not be removed. There are no political prisoners in Cuba. There can be no reciprocity. Obama would occupy his “inglorious position” for only eight years, he wrote, while Cuba would never surrender.

Congratulations Jorge! You just realized that fidel is implacable! What a genius you are. And to think you were Mexico’s foreign secretary. So you readily acknowledge that as long as fidel is alive there will be no changes in Cuba. So your strategy is to live with that and forget about it. Drop the embargo and pretend that nothing ever happened. Borrón y cuenta nueva. Throw away the key to Dr. Biscet’s cell. Que clase de come miera eres Jorge.

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