Journalist cries foul over unfair pocket-kossack attack

I’ve been posting about the ridiculous game of gotcha that some folks have been playing with regards to the Diaz-Balart bothers who represent Florida’s 21st and 25th congressional districts. Yesterday I learned about an absurd interpretation of an interview conducted with Mario Diaz-Balart by a Naples journalist. You can read original post here.

Well it turns out that the journalist in question, Jeff Lytle, learned of the manufactured brouhaha and actually responded to it on Naples News web site:

How incendiary can U.S.-Cuban policy debate get?

Someone snagged a clip from my “One on One’’ interview with U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart, R-Miami, last week and posted it on YouTube with the headline, “Mario Diaz-Balart compares his constituents to Nazis.”

His comment was that people who want to normalize relations with Cuba are like the people who ignored atrocities of Adolf Hitler in order to do business with Germany.

That was preceded by a comparison to apartheid in South Africa, which was edited out. When you want to nail an enemy good, go straight for the Nazi stuff.

The frustrating part: When I posted a protest on YouTube, the Diaz-Balart enemies — or “authors” as they are known online — took it down.

Another comment came close behind in Spanish, asking where my comment went. Crazy.

So here you have a person lifting a clip, editing it, posting with no context and then manufacturing a context for it and then deleting the criticism of the person whose clip it is to begin with. Nice. Stay classy there junior Kossacks. I thought you’d go away once Joedilocks got his (best Jim Rome impression) ASS beat.

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  1. The Naples journalist should just tell YouTube he is from CNN and he demands the clip be removed. It worked for CNN last week when they demanded the removal of that embarrassing Susan Roesgen video from one of the tea parties.

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