Canada and Cuba’s castros: Bosom Buddies

Robert Fulford writing in Canada’s National Post:

Canada’s genial relationship with the despotic government of Cuba is the only fragment of policy from prime minister John Diefenbaker that still survives. For half a century, we have traded happily with the Cubans and sent planeloads of tourists to their beaches every winter. Two of our prime ministers, Pierre Trudeau and Jean Chrétien, made official visits, with Trudeau shouting “Viva Castro” and his wife Margaret declaring Fidel Castro “the sexiest man alive.”

For a democracy, our long-standing Cuban policy is appalling, though history has given it a patina of legitimacy. It’s even a matter of pride for many Canadians, however odious the Castro government. It’s thought to prove our independence from the United States. We are the northern pals of Cubans and they our Caribbean buddies.

4 thoughts on “Canada and Cuba’s castros: Bosom Buddies”

  1. “and his wife Margaret declaring Fidel Castro “the sexiest man alive.”

    Aww, Come on Maggie?! Sexier even than a Rolling Stone?

    They say (“dicen!” as my abuela used to always exclaim) that Keith Richard’s Canadian heroin rap in 1977 for trafficking! (that normally carried a hellacious penalty in Canada) as solved because of Margaret’s appreciation of Ronnie (and Mick’s) gang bang with her.

    Keith, BTW, had hardly been “trafficking.” That enormous amount of smack that led to this charge was simply his own stash for about a week!!


  2. and what was “the sentence” imposed for said heroin transgression? oh yeah it’s all coming back now, 2 concerts for the blind in Toronto.
    I’m sorry that Pierre wasn’t an honorary pallbearer for Fidel, and that it was only the other way around.
    Not all us canadians are as messed up, and Robert Fulford nails one again for the National Post.

  3. The best I can come up with in defense of Canada’s longstanding (not to mention utterly hypocritical) Cuba policy is that maybe Canadians really are too stupid to know better. It’s not much, but I suppose it beats knowing better and still playing along with a ruthless totalitarian dictatorship.

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