US Engaging in Secret Talks With Castro Government

The NY Times, aka the official news agency of the Obama administration is reporting:

… informal meetings were being planned between the State Department and Cuban diplomats in the United States to determine whether the two governments could open formal talks on a variety of issues, including migration, drug trafficking and other regional security matters.

And the administration is also looking for ways to open channels for more cultural and academic exchanges between Cuba and the United States, the officials said.

The next steps, said a senior administration official, would be meant to “test the waters,” to see whether the United States and Cuba could develop a “serious, civil, open relationship.”

After saying the United States was “ready to talk about a series of issues,” the official added, “This thing with Cuba is going to take a lot of time, and it may not work.”

The writing is on the all as we’ve been saying all along. Read it here.


1 thought on “US Engaging in Secret Talks With Castro Government”

  1. Every adm. from Ike’s to Bush’s has held informal talks with Castro. Indeed, Nixon and Reagan probably went furthest with such “engagement.” (as a clear-eyed exploratory measure)

    “Enagement” and “talks” aren’t the issue. It’s the mindset of those U.S. diplomats who engage in such “engagement,” which will naturally determine what issues from them.

    And that’s why the Castroites (in Cuba and here) must be salivating and rubbing their hands regarding these current “talks.”


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