A different quote of the day

Ernesto has a quote of the day from this WaPo article. Mine is different:

Now the siblings take turns flying back to care for them, Valdés said, admitting that he had been chastised by U.S. officials who repeatedly caught him breaking the Bush-era travel restrictions.

“I’ve got a file this long,” Valdés joked, stretching his arms wide. “I hope they threw it in the trash.”

Oh imagine all the families that were separated by the ruthless Bush and his despotic policies. I’ve been saying it all along, the travel restrictions for family travel were merely a symbolic reminder that Cuba is special case. We allow Cubans to come with open arms and of those to whom much is given, something should be asked. This is why Obama’s lifting of these restrictions (assuming he doesn’t go further) will not result in a huge boom of travel to Cuba by Cuban-Americans. The ones that wanted to do it were already doing it.

3 thoughts on “A different quote of the day”

  1. All prior US government attempts to diminish or control travel and remittances to Cuba have been largely gotten around or bypassed. There’s no way to make such restrictions work if Cubans themselves won’t observe them. Those whose (financial) business it is to promote travel and remittances always found loopholes or ways to “beat the system” by using third countries and/or out-and-out deception. Everybody knows this; it’s just rather convenient to ignore reality sometimes.

  2. This is the main reason why we need to end the Cuban Adjustment Act.

    These people come here under false pretenses claiming to be “political refugees,” then a year and a day later they go back to see family and friends and talk about how good life is here in the Yuma.

    Sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

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