Nordlinger on Carter and Cuba’s castro


In recent days, Carter has told the press, “I think Fidel is staying as aloof as he possibly can.” Yet he also “reserves the right to come forward on a particular occasion when he feels his voice might be helpful in clarifying an issue.”

Is that the way a democrat talks about an absolute dictator? Is that the way a man of God, or of humanism, talks about a torturer and murderer? Is that the way a former American president talks about a man who seized power by force, and maintains it by force?

Yes, it is. And that is sickening.

Years ago, Carter was mighty upset — visibly, publicly upset — when Violeta Chamorro beat Daniel Ortega in an election. This result was somehow not permitted. Carter tried to get Chamorro to share power with Ortega and the Sandinistas. Jeane Kirkpatrick remarked to me, “You would have thought a democrat would be happy.” Yes, you would have.

6 thoughts on “Nordlinger on Carter and Cuba’s castro”

  1. When Jimmy Carter lost his reelection bid in 1980, it embittered him to an extent rarely seen in human experience. He has hated America and Americans ever since. He will do anything to damage the country he feels abandoned him. It must be tough to be consumed by so much hate.

  2. Jimmy Carter is one sick puppy. I find him creepier than somebody like Bill Clinton, who’s a slick BS artist but at least never tried to pass himself off as a saint. Carter is more twisted, and potentially more dangerous.

  3. As for Carter being upset that Ortega lost to Chamorro, I expect the fact Ortega turned out to be a slimy sex offender (in addition to all his other crimes) hasn’t substantially diminished him in Carter’s esteem (even if Jimmy’s much more discreet now for PC reasons). I’m telling you, Carter makes my skin crawl; he always has.

  4. Nordlinger deserves every award in the world. He can always be depended upon to speak out frankly against tyranny and hypocrisy. He is funny, smart, writes the most wonderful columns and knows a lot about everything. He also has a beautiful speaking voice and a poetic soul.
    A lovely man.

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