Cuban Mayday

Ah! it’s May Day, May 1st- the communist high holy day. I hate May 1st.

In Cuba’s worker’s paradise May Day  means songs, slogans and speeches-stupidity

This year’s stupidity was pretty much the same as the previous 49 year’s stupidity:

More work and sacrifice for the “revolution.” This year’s slogan: “Combative, productive and effective,”

[r]aúl didn’t even have the decency or sobriety to deliver the stupidity himself. Maybe he can’t even bring himself to do it. So, wearing a straw hat and a guayabera, he hid behind one of his lap dogs, Salvador Valdes Mesa, who was “chosen” to deliver the good news:

Valdes spoke about Cuba’s economic woes, saying three hurricanes last year and an ongoing global financial crisis had inflicted much damage.

Workers, he said, needed to work to raise “production and productivity, for the reduction of costs and expenditures, to grow exports and (reduce) imports.”

Achieving these goals, Valdes said, would require everyone to “work with more discipline, with more quality.” 

Not only that, Valdes told the Cuban workers that while they needed to be more productive and improve quality so that the regime could reduce, according to Reuter’s Jeff Franks, the “handouts” they get.

Please! The only thing the Cuban regime “hands out” is misery and repression.

But according to the Reuter’s “reporter”, it’s not that bad that Cubans only make $20 a month and have no rights because they “receive social benefits such as free health care, food rations and subsidized housing.” The Marxist reporter* doesn’t understand that the Cuban people are being taxed at a rate of about 94% in order to receive their “handouts and “social services.”

And as the Cuban slaves were being told that they were expected to produce more as they got even fewer “handouts,” the old slave master himself was whining on his blog about how the United States was “ready to forgive us if we resign ourselves to returning to the fold of slaves who, after tasting liberty, again accept the whip and the yoke.”

In other words, there’s no hope. The Cuban slave ship continues to sink…with all onboard…mayday!…mayday!

*Note that Marc Frank is Reuters resident commie reporter.  He wrote more than 1000 articles for the People’s Daily World, the official newspaper of Communist Party USA before moving to the “mainstream media”.

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