Help Cuban Stanilists get that Oil!–HURRY!

“Partnering” with Stalinists to extract oil from their waters appears more attractive to some industry insiders than extracting oil from from the U.S.’ own waters. Though ten times more oil could be extracted from ours.

What does this tell you? It tells me that the oil industry regards the dreaded Miami Mafia lobby as a pushover compared to the U.S. Environmentalist lobby


1 thought on “Help Cuban Stanilists get that Oil!–HURRY!”

  1. Humberto,

    That’s a very good point. Allow to me delve a bit into this, the oil lobbies are, also, aware that the USA is a country of laws and that in the USA, they will have to abide by environmental laws already in place, whereas in Cuba, they can do whatever they want including dump an entire shipload of toxic fuel into Cuban waters as used to happen in el Malecon when the Soviet Union was existent.

    As the saying in Spanish about fallen trees used for lumber by everyone, the castro brothers [who hate Cuba more than anyone has ever hated her before] continue to turn Cuba into un abol caida para todo el mundo.

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