Chummy Charlie Gets a Paycheck

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See that picture above? That is Florida’s “Republican” Governor Charlie Crist chumming it up with – and in staunch support of – Barrack Hussein Obama and his irresponsible fiscal policies and social engineering. Today, Chummy Charlie announced his candidacy for the Florida US Senator.

Astoundingly, both the Republican Party of Florida and the National Republican Senatorial Committee have endorsed the RINO Governor’s bid, despite his liberal leaning stances on just about every issue, with a track record to prove same. These endorsements come without either entity hearing any debate, argument or anything else of the sort from other candidates that may be more in tune with the people of Florida.

I suppose the Republican Party should change it’s logo to anything other than an elephant, for the party seems to now have a very, very short memory. Else they’d remember the craptastic candidate they fielded – rammed down our throats is more like it – in the 2008 Presidential elections.

I suppose they also forgot about all those thousands upon thousands of Floridians that took to the streets all across the state in Tea Party protest to the unregulated, unbridled, and irresponsible spending and waste (among other things) – which Chummy Charlie up there can be seem smiling away as an able and willing accomplice to.

Folks, do us all a favor and contact the Republican Party of Florida and tell them to get their heads out from there behinds and give real conservative candidates the chance to fix the mess we’re in. Tell’em Crist is just a better looking, more tanned future Arlen Specter.

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19 thoughts on “Chummy Charlie Gets a Paycheck”

  1. This is a US Senate seat with a 6 year term. Charlie can beat Meek. Marco can’t.

    I’d rather see seat stay in GOP hands than go to the Dems.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Sorry Mike. No more RINO’s for me. Crist has left and incredibly bad taste in my mouth, as am sure with many other R voters in this state.

    Marco will take Meek to the woodshed.

  3. I’m with Marco all the way. Why would I vote for an Arlen Specter type when I can vote for the real deal? Marco can do it. Who cares who the party establishment supports. Reagan was opposed by this same party estabishment that supports Crist. The people who will decide the primary is not the establishment; it will be the party grassroots of Florida. And if Marco can clearly show that Crist is just another RINO, then Crist can be defeated in the primary. I’m now hearing electibility questions concerning Rubio. The same argument was used about the electability of Reagan. Yeah, he lost in the primaries a few times. So what? Reagan eventually got over that hill. I will support a true conservative any day over a RINO in a primary.

  4. I did not vote for Charlie last time (left it blank)and I won’t do so again. The fact of the matter is that we face an uphill climb…unless someone can “Out” him before the general election. My biggest fear is that he is outted after the primary. Last polling showed Republicans giving CC 67% favorable rating and in a crowded field 54% of Republicans said they’d vote for him as their candidate for Senate. There wasn’t a single other candidate that broke 10%.

  5. Marco can very well defeat Charlie. This will be a battle of principles (or Charlie’s lack thereof), as well as which direction the Party should take. Let’s be clear- this is the establishment’s candidate vs. the grassroots, and we are gonna see what exactly how committed the Republican Party is to the core principles it is founded on, rather than a single personality who is simply out for himself. Charlie Crist has single-handedly weakened his own political power as Governor- he’s now a lame duck- and hurt the prospects of the Party’s chances to retain statewide power. For this, he should be rewarded with a “promotion” to the Senate? Wake up Republicans, Charlie is all about himself, he could very well be yet another Arlen Specter who time and time again votes with the Dems. Crist needs to be defeated, not promoted, end of story. The question is how alert people in the state are to Charlie’s unprincipled maneuvering. We shall soon see.

  6. Like I said, once you’re in the Senate, you’re pretty much a lock. The GOP has held a senate seat since 1989 since Connie Mack’s went into the Senate. Before that you had Paula Hawkins a one-termer defeated by a popular Democrat Governor.

    Marco has no inroads outside South Florida. You need I-4 vote to win. Rather than arguing quien es mas macho or in this case quien es mas conservative, the objective is to prevent the Dems from taking both of FLorida’s Senate seats. Meek has statewide inroads and will have the dem money machine behind him.

    If you think Kendrick Meek will be an easy defeat like prior Dem. nominees then you folks are mistaken. He’s a shrewd politician with nationwide name recognition and the funds.

    Like I’ve said in the past, Judge Scalia is ideologically pure. But more times than not, he’s in the dissent which other than a fun read, means zilch since you need 5 votes in the Supremes to get a majority opinion.

    Being ideologically pure without the name recognition and money behind you while noble won’t buy you a cafe con leche.

    The objective is to hold as many GOP seats and maybe gain some along the way which is my goal whomever the GOP nominee is.

  7. Mike

    What’s the point of having a guy with the R behind his name is in fact his policies are purely D? Makes absolutely no sense at all.

    Did you not witness the Tea Party phenomena? People are tired of the bullshit “we’ve got to elect this guy because of the guy we like cant win.’ thats worse than a phyrric victory, its a loss before the contest begins.

  8. We on the right have a big decision ahead of us. The GOP has been failing us all along. I believe they need some setbacks to get the message. I thought they would have gotten the message in 2008. But Crist didn’t have any problem joining the other side.
    I wish I could vote in Florida so I could vote for the conservative instead of Crist. But, happily, I am in Pennsylvania where I will be able to vote for Toomey instead of a rino.
    I know it seems a weak argument, what do we gain if we lose the seat? (But the GOP doesn’t want another defeat either, another governor to go to the dems.) What you have to do is pump up the conservative with publicity and talking. It does no good to have Crist. None. None! The number is not enough. He’d be just another patsy for Obama. And if Florida is going to have that, it might as well have the real thing in a democrat.

  9. If you want to get a good idea of what Crist represents, just watch the pundits on the left in Florida go out of their way to tell us how stupid Republicans would be to get behind Marco instead of Crist. They’ll go on and on about how Crist is more electable, more centered, less radical than Marco and should therefore be the candidate of choice for Republicans in the primary.

    We should all listen to their advice because you know that the left in Florida is really looking out for us conservatives and they would never steer us in the wrong direction. It is not strange at all that they would insist we vote for the candidate best suited to beat their candidate in the senate race.

    Just like McCain: oh yeah, he’s the only one that can beat a democrat.

  10. Right on Alberto. The more dangerous a candidate is to the left, the more they will try to destroy him.

  11. After the tax relief fiasco and the insurance and lack of cojones to comfront them, he is not getting my vote and all 11 in this family.
    that’s a promise.

  12. Cigar Mike makes some good points on why support is lining up behind Crist but I’m with Val on this one. It’s not that I can’t vote for any so-called RINO – I’m a libertarian so to speak so its not a stretch – but Crist to me is something much worse than your run of the mill RINO. Crist is a shameless opportunist and a man with no prinicples. He only believes in getting elected and being popular. I can respect McCain (mostly) because you can see where he is coming from (sometimes). With Crist you have no idea.

    Cigar Mike’s analysis is spot on – if having the (R) in the Senate is important to you – and I imagine it is important to most of you then maybe go for Crist. I for one cannot back him. It’s not just about him – it is what he has done to our party and our state. If we make Crist our leader then the principles we hold dear will ultimately be purged by state party leaders. We can’t give this to him.

  13. I’m at a statewide conference this week, and at lunch today overheard conversation from some Panhandle folks about Marco Rubio as the “conservative” who has a shot to beat Crist. That may not be the I-4 vote, but if more conservative Republicans start making noise, who knows. It’s still early…and the more the stimulus and deficit stink up the joint, the more Rubio ends up smelling like a rose.

    As far as any R over any D, well…in an ideal world that would be fine. But as others here have expressed very well, no more RINOs for me. I’d rather see Meek win, with my vote and support squarely in Marco’s side, than lukewarmly hoping Crist outlasts a Democrat just because of their party affiliation. What needs to be done is to promote the hell out of Marco and not sit back and wait for the polls to swing the other way. There’s still lots of time. Vamos!

  14. Gee wiz folks. How about this: We vote (with our hearts) for Rubio in the primary. If he wins, great, I’m not so convinced he can’t beat Meeks. If Rubio doesn’t win the primary, well, then we support the Republican nominee, No Matter Who He Is; thus voting with ‘our heads’. I’m with Mike on the theory that ANY Republican is better than a Democrat. Think about where the country is headed right now, and the decision should be easy. The longer the Democrats control this country, the more harm they will inflict, and some of it will never go away. I agree that Crist appears Specter-like, but if he’s the guy, then lets use him to slowly retake the country. Just thinking practically, and worrying about the nation’s long-term survival…

  15. What Mambi said. Oh, and tell any Dem friends you may have to vote for Dan Gelber: Meek shouldn’t get a cakewalk in the primary either. We want them as bloodied as whoever ultimately wins the GOP nomination.

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