Chummy Charlie on Cuba

“Duh…I’m not sure….let me check those poll numbers again to see where I stand.”

Crist added: “I think it’s also important that we remain mindful that there are journalists and others that are still in prison on that island and freedom is something that we hope for in the form of a democratically-elected leadership on Cuba and I still pray for that.”

Did Obama go too far? “I’m not sure at this point,” Crist said.

“…taken in, by a suntan and a grin….”

1 thought on “Chummy Charlie on Cuba”

  1. OK “Todo el Mundo Cubiche” –

    En Ingles –

    I am OK with unlimited visitation. I have a problem with remittances. The CASTRO REGIME steals MORE off the top than Western Union does on the average Mexican Remittance. I am used to this. The old USSR stole +/- 25% off the top of remittances we sent to our relatives during the Cold War.
    Tell the regime – NO MORE THAN/NO MAS QUE 10% – Si es tan bueno por dios – es tan bueno por el diablo.


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