While you’re making ends meet…

If you’re like me – and most Floridians – you’re feeling the economic pinch these days. Times are tough and given this administration’s fiscal policies – which our “Republican” Governor is in lockstep with – things are gonna get a lot tougher.

This is the same “Republican” Governor that has just announced his candidacy for the US Senate, representing you and me and all Floridians. So keep the following in mind this weekend when worrying about making ends meet, taking from Peter to pay Paul and generally struggling just to get buy:

Your “Republican” Governor/Senator wannabe, Chummy Charlie Crist, will be out fishing with his fellow big wigs Republican Party of Florida cohorts. Not only will Chummy Charlie be trolling for dolphin, but he’s the featured guest of the Republican Party of Florida Fishing trip and he’ll be reeling not only fish, but lots and lots of dough.

Cost of the trip to chum it up with Chummy Charlie while chumming? A measely $25,000!

Click on image below for large view of invite.


2 thoughts on “While you’re making ends meet…”

  1. OK –

    1. Soy Dr.Shalit

    2. “Carlos Christie” – Por Senador. Kick Him “Upstairs.”

    3. “Rubio POR GOBERNADOR!” – Por Cuando Fidelito Muere.

    Ese es un “PLAN.”

    Respuestas? Por Favor.


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