That Cuban Economic “Opening”

Don’t forget: “The ball’s in the court of that “pragmatic economic reformer.”

Authorities in the Cuban capital will crack down on people who transport cargoes or people without a license, a measure that includes seizing the offenders’ vehicles if they are caught a second time, the official press reported on Wednesday.

The rest of this “news” (to imbeciles) here.


1 thought on “That Cuban Economic “Opening””

  1. For sure, fifo’s “$2 billion investment plan to revitalize transport services” can’t have any competition. (I wonder where he got the $$$)

    FOX News had a video on these new “transport services.” Shepard Smith was quick to point out that the bus fee is the equivalent of 2 U.S. cents.

    Considering the monthly salary of most Cubans is approx. $l8.00, two cents -each trip- does add up.

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