That Diabolical “Blockade” still starving Cubans!

Jugs of daiquiri mix. Gourmet nuts. Rolls of newsprint. Not exactly humanitarian aid, but still among the items sold to Cuba under an agricultural waiver carved out of the decades-old U.S. trade embargo. Waltzer and other entrepreneurs are pretty happy with the way things are now. The waiver is so broad that it includes beer, soda and a host of inedible items such as beauty products, artwork, utility poles, kitchen cabinets and Alabama newsprint, which totaled $6 million in sales last year.

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3 thoughts on “That Diabolical “Blockade” still starving Cubans!”

  1. Must keep those tourists happy… And we all know how important those “rolls of newsprint” are to the Cuban people.

  2. Unreal. Goes to show you what little respect these people have for us. They shamelessly talk about business opportunities. Can you imagine any businessman in his right mind arguing 25 years ago that we should have engaged Apartheid South Africa? Yet with us, its everyone from the travel agents to the peanut vendors. Even the whoremongers are getting in the act and shamelessly saying that all they want is a mulatta!

    They’ve eroded the embargo to a shell and like the proverbial camel in the tent, they’re still NOT HAPPY.

    Sad thing is that once there is no shred of embargo left, they will not care one iota or take any responsibility whatsoever for the regime’s invigoration.

  3. OF Course, “rolls of newsprint” aka toilet paper! I could refer to it as any good Cuban would but it is not becoming!
    THE REAL question is… who is actually paying for these items. When Cuba defaults on its debt who else but the american taxpayer will pick up the tab.
    We had TARP, the Stimulus bill, the Auto Bailout, and the Cuba bailout!

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