Visions of Florida

Castillo de San Marco At Sunrise

Castillo San Marco, St. Augustine, Florida at sunrise.

For many weeks now I’ve decided to avoid the news, the pestilence of the liberal rags and blogs, television, radio, etc. as much as possible. I’ve immersed myself in my work and my art and things that breed positivity rather than negativity. And I must admit, I feel much better. The left is toxic not only to America, but to one’s health. Ignoring them does wonders. Immersing myself back into my art does wonders too. So I’ve decided not to give them the pleasure of making me sick by ignoring them. Screw them and the jackass they ride on. I purge myself of their drech and I’m happy again.

Here’s a shot form my trip to St. Augustine a few weeks ago. A great place. Check it out if you can. Have a pitcher of Sangria and tapas at the Columbia Restaurant while your there.

See you out in the field infidels.

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  1. Ah…Castillo De San Marcos, symbol of our Spanish oppressors and site of Osceola’s imprisonment after his shameful capture by deceit!

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