Esta es tu casa, Obama! (Updated)

Update by Gaius Pitbullius Maximus: I decided to update Val’s post by including the entire text of the letter he linked to below because IT NEEDS TO BE READ AND SENT AROUND THE COUNTRY! I want one — just one — justification as to why this is okay to do in “post-partisan America.” Just one, please. I await the liberal response.

Letter to the Editor [of American Thinker]

My name is George C. Joseph. I am the sole owner of Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu, a family owned and operated business in Melbourne, Florida. My family bought and paid for this automobile franchise 35 years ago in 1974. I am the second generation to manage this business.

We currently employ 50+ people and before the economic slowdown we employed over 70 local people. We are active in the community and the local chamber of commerce. We deal with several dozen local vendors on a day to day basis and many more during a month. All depend on our business for part of their livelihood. We are financially strong with great respect in the market place and community. We have strong local presence and stability.

I work every day the store is open, nine to ten hours a day. I know most of our customers and all our employees. Sunshine Dodge is my life.

On Thursday, May 14, 2009 I was notified that my Dodge franchise, that we purchased, will be taken away from my family on June 9, 2009 without compensation and given to another dealer at no cost to them. My new vehicle inventory consists of 125 vehicles with a financed balance of 3 million dollars. This inventory becomes impossible to sell with no factory incentives beyond June 9, 2009. Without the Dodge franchise we can no longer sell a new Dodge as “new,” nor will we be able to do any warranty service work. Additionally, my Dodge parts inventory, (approximately $300,000.) is virtually worthless without the ability to perform warranty service. There is no offer from Chrysler to buy back the vehicles or parts inventory.

Our facility was recently totally renovated at Chrysler’s insistence, incurring a multi-million dollar debt in the form of a mortgage at Sun Trust Bank.



This is beyond imagination! My business is being stolen from me through NO FAULT OF OUR OWN. We did NOTHING wrong.

This atrocity will most likely force my family into bankruptcy. This will also cause our 50+ employees to be unemployed. How will they provide for their families? This is a total economic disaster.


I beseech your help, and look forward to your reply. Thank you.


George C. Joseph
President & Owner
Sunshine Dodge-Isuzu

Le ronca los cojones.


19 thoughts on “Esta es tu casa, Obama! (Updated)”

  1. These are the consequences of bullshit “CHANGE” that the American people voted for last November.

    Let’s see for how long we’ll have to put up with it and when the people will start to revolt against the socialist policies implemented by the “Messiah” and the Democrats.

    I only hope that we get a Congress next year that puts the “Messiah” in a straight jacket of checks and balances, otherwise is going to get much worse for us all.

  2. It’s a first-class outrage; but don’t you wonder how many of those dealership employees voted for Obama. It’s now a daily drip of socialist takeover announcements out of the WHouse but I just don’t see any pitchforks out there, do you?

    People aren’t angry, he’s still riding high in the polls. It may be escapism, but it looks like the natives are content with the new cool cat in the WhiteHouse and his cohort’s biceps; they can’t get enough of it. Hopenchange, baby.

  3. Val,

    Unfortunately Obama was clearly not happy with “su casa” and its radical “remodeling” (with blueprints drafted & approved by Soros & Co.) started promptly after his coronation … oops … I meant inauguration!

    Gigi, Rush discussed the possibility that some dealers which are scheduled to close, may have been targeted because of their politics. Check this link:

    The bottom line here is that if we want real change, we must somehow push for Term Limits in Congress … that will be the only way to weed out “las malas yerbas” …. nstros. Senadores have become “Cenadores” 🙁

    I wish you well 🙂 Melek

    “President Obama is more adept than any in recent memory at appearing pious while believing in nothing–except, of course, in the god of big government and the hedonism of radical autonomy.” ~ Doug Patton

  4. It’s fun to blame Obama for the Chrysler woes but it is dishonest to do so.

    These companies have been among the walking dead for many years now.

    Blame Clinton, Bush, and Greenspan. Maybe especially Greenspan. And probably many other people as well.

  5. Charles,

    Funny how the American Car companies have all been in the red and going under, while Japanese and other car makers here in the states have been doing quite well. Difference between these companies is quite simple: Unions. So, if we’re to put blame where blame is dude, lets point the finger in the right direction, shall we?

  6. Unions get a lot of the blame as well, there is absolutely no doubt about that.

    Val, I’m happy to see you agree that this problem has been very long in the making.

    George, give me a break.

  7. Charles,

    of course its been a long time in the making but Obama basically nailed the coffin shut. He had to pay back all of his union “supporters” and sycophants. Screw the shareholders and guys like the one that wrote the letter above.

  8. Hey, Chuck’E’Cheese, bite me. The unions destroyed GM and Chrysler, plain and simple. They should have filed Chapter 11 years and years ago to abrogate the immoral UAW contracts that in the end caused their collapse.

  9. I’ll give you the legal response. This happens all the time in franchise businesses. There are provisions in almost every franchise agreement that the franchisor has the right to terminate a franchise.

    For example, if you have an Exxon Franchise, Exxon has the right to terminate it under the grounds set forth in the contract.

    Now in this case, notwithstanding the government meddling involved here, what should have happened all along and what I myself advocated in 2008 when GW Bush still was Prez and that was to allow these companies to file chapter 11 and restructure. That’s what the law is for. Giving them money was the biggest blunder imaginable.

    Now under Chapter 11, the trustee with the court can disavow contracts whether union contracts or franchise contracts. This is what the BKC law is for.

    The wrench in all this is the government getting its ugly mug involved in the car industry.

  10. When my parents state was stolen by the way of appointing a guardianship over the objections of the family we cried out, “Foul” of course my parents were old and no one objected to their state being confiscated.
    Because our culture believes in taking care of our own, we took our mother out of the clutches of the greedy “Guardians” and their cohorts and left the country now we are happily living “truly free” and breath fresh air without government interference.
    Now Your wealth is being confiscated and you cry in “disbelief”.
    When the wealth we had created after two generations of hard work in the USA was confiscated
    it was OK , but now you cry, cocodrile tears, sorry for you blued eye American that thought it was OK when it happened to a Latino who had to leave the country, but now that it is happening to you, well it just too frigging bad isn’t.

  11. Ps; I just got a note from a journalist whose parents estate was also confiscated and had to leave the country to avoid persecution when she exposed the crime. Here is the note I received from journalist Janet Phelan whose syndicates show airs on Saturday

    hey here i am. i’m having crisis after crisis. computer crashed, as well as phone. i’m on an internet cafe computer now. i will get back to you tomorrow when my puter is fixed. hope you are okay. you wouldn’t believe what obama did today. and i’m getting an expert on the matter on my show on Sat. O approved “preventative detentions” people can be detained indefinitely BEFORE THEY DO ANYTHING.
    okay, going off line now. later, j. keep the faith–that’s about all we have left, right?

    Get ready people is coming those of us who have the foresight to leave the country before things get really bad realize just like our fathers who left communist Cuba that ” You don’t have to be in a train wreck, to see one coming” Good

  12. meant so say good Luck we will all need it, as I took whatever family wealth was left before it was all confiscated and I write to you from exile.
    God bless………………..

  13. Bit of an update:

    WASHINGTON, May 21 (Reuters) – Chrysler will help dealers facing closure dispose of their inventory and other assets beyond the June 9 deadline the company has set, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said on Thursday after talking to the bankrupt automaker’s president, James Press.

    “Mr. Press said that they will certainly continue to help until every part of this transition of this inventory is disposed of and the help will be there after June 9, that was the assurance that was given,” she said on the Senate floor.

    Hutchison, a Republican, made the announcement after spending much of the day trying to add a provision to a pending war funding bill that would have forced bankrupt Chrysler help the 789 dealers facing closure get more time to dispose of their inventory.

    In a hastily drafted letter to Hutchison, Press said the closing dealers would “receive a fair and equitable value for virtually all of their outstanding vehicle and parts inventory.”

  14. Val, George, et al,

    Does Babalublog have a timeline comparing Castro’s first days in power with Obama’s?

    It seems that each day more people are noticing the similarities in governance… but a line-by-line comparison would be of great interest to me. Is there any chance the in-house talent could pull something like that together?


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