Voice of freedom from Cuba’s gulag

As we prepare to commemorate the brave men and women who perished in defense of our freedom, please remember our Cuban brothers and sisters who also made the ultimate sacrifice for that great cause, and for those who remain imprisoned and defiant against their oppressor.

“I am of the opinion that as long as a Castro-communist dictatorship exists in Cuba, we, Cubans, will not be able to live in freedom and democracy and that the violations of human rights will continue. I ask the democratic governments of the world and the individuals who love justice and freedom to support the Cuban people and not the government of the island which usurped power, betrayed the people, by sullying them. The conquest of liberty for Cuba is the present priority and will require a struggle that is detailed in its organization and persevering. My steps are headed towards the conquest of that priority. Hear, oh God, my cry, listen to my prayer fulfilling my vows day by day. Free me and free the Cuban people.” ~ Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet ~

Learn more about Dr. Biscet and his struggle for a free Cuba at his official site, The Lawton Foundation, by clicking here.

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