Or what Mr. Secretary?

Yesterday former House Speaker Newt Gingrich called for the withdrawal of Supreme Court judicial nominee Sotomayor because of what he considers racist remarks she made.

He has a point:

Mr. Gingrich, in his Twitter feed to more than 344,400 followers, called on Judge Sotomayor to withdraw from consideration to the high court. He said her remarks citing ethnic background as a reason for making better legal decisions, if spoken by a white male, would be disqualifying.

“Imagine a judicial nominee said, ‘My experience as a white man makes me better than a Latina woman.’ New racism is no better than old racism,” Mr. Gingrich wrote on Twitter, which he uses regularly to discuss politics or promote his television appearances.

Later, during a White House press conference,  Secretary Gibbs responded to a question about Speaker Gingrich’s remarks in a way I find very disturbing, in effect, warning that Sotomayor critics should be “exceedingly careful what they say.” 

 Watch the Real Clear Politics video here and you tell me, is the Secretary’s tone out of line?

5 thoughts on “Or what Mr. Secretary?”

  1. Gingrich is, as ever, hilarious, and now that he’s learned Twitter, we can expect ever more hilarious posts. As Cigar Mike said, she’s perfectly competent and, what’s more, apt as often as not to side with precedents and settled law.

    This case, by the way, is instructive: <a href=”http://openjurist.org/196/f3d/89/wendy-norville-v-staten-island-university-hospital”Norville v. Staten Island Hospital, in which Sotomayor, with a unanimous court, ruled against a poor black woman who said the hospital at which she worked failing to accommodate her disability under the ADA and for race and age discrimination. I don’t think she’s any more apt to side with the poor and brown-skinned than Rufus Peckham.

  2. Let’s see. Chrysler dealers are closed for political reasons. The auto “czar” is married to a former finance chair of the DNC and participates in the closing selections. Chicago machine politics and corruption at its finest. Yeah, I’d say it was a threat. The Obama regime has absolutely no scruples about bullying anyone, any time.

    Anybody who dares contradict the Maximum Leader will soon get closely acquainted with the EPA, the IRS, the EEOC and OSHA. If you really piss them off, you’ll get to meet ICE or maybe the FBI. And the lapdog media will ignore it or slander you in their reports. Gibbs meant it.

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