Tribute Concert to Olga Diaz A Success

Well friends, it’s been exhausting, but you can add Producer to my many titles. It was an exhausting endeavor, but the tribute concert to my mother, Olga Diaz, which was held yesterday afternoon at the Roca Theater turned out a success. Those that made it, even with the rain, were treated to a three hour show with a plethora of talent and heard classical works by Lecuona, Piazzola, as well as popular boleros and ballads both instrumental and with vocals.  The list included Eugenia Armengol, Ramón Arronte, Renée Barrios, Conchita Betancourt, Yolanda del Castillo, Sonia Corp, Alejandro Cossío,  Mirta Fernández, Héctor Fernández, Jesús García, Chelo Lindner, Roberto Lozano, Alejandro Méndez, Gustavo Ponzoa, Arturo Ramos, Cristina Rebull, Vicky Roig, Pedro Román, & Baserva Soler.


Each artist selected works that my mother played in her long career. Thus we heard works by composers Rene Touzet, Mario Fernandez Porta, Mario Clavell, and so many others. It was a great show.


And above all, all of the funds went 100% to benefit the Regis House Charity, one of my mother’s favorite charities and one that provides much needed help to children and teenagers with substance abuse issues.

(From L-R — Eric Sanders, Marketing Director, Regis House, Michael Pancier, Executive Producer, and Roberto Lozano, Musical Director).

If you couldn’t make it, well you missed a great show. I hope to have some video in the next few weeks. You can still help the cause by sending your donations to Regis House in memory of my mother Olga Diaz.

The above images are (c) 2009 by Michele Sandberg and are used by permission. All Rights Reserved.

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