Semper Infidelious

Good day Infidels.  To this day no member on the left has been able to give a rational reason why it’s ok for Obama and Biden to oppose Roberts and Alito and it’s not ok for conservatives to oppose Sotomayor.

Of course the lefties like to say “We don’t want judges who are dangerous and extreme like Justice Scalia.”

Of course that’s just another idiotic argument from someone who knows shineola about the law. Here’s an interesting post on a local blog which once again debunks the myths about Scalia who actually happened to be one of the best friends for criminal defendants.  Interestingly enough he was in the majority years ago in support of the 1st amendment on the flag burning cases. (Liberal Justice Stevens was in the dissent).

BTW – Here is Obama, in his own words, as to why he voted against John Roberts.  We can apply the same reasoning to Sotomayor.

Have a nice day infidels.