fidel castro gets over on everyone…


Que mierda.

The Organization of American States lifted its 47-year suspension of Cuba on Wednesday in a move backed by Washington as it tries to soothe Cold War tensions with the communist-run island.

The 34-member hemispheric body, meeting in Honduras, unanimously scrapped a 1962 decision at the height of the Cold War that barred Cuba as revolutionary leader Fidel Castro took it toward communism and an alliance with the Soviet Union…

In a diplomatic compromise, the group’s member countries agreed that Cuba’s re-entry would be “the result of a process of dialogue” which Cuba has to request and must be in line with OAS principles.

In other words, the castro regime gets the legitimacy it doesn’t deserves and nothing is really asked for in return. Why would the regime ever make a single concession when the dictators get everything they want without ever have to give up anything?

“The ball is now in Cuba’s court to abide by the principles of human rights and democracy embodied in the Inter-American Democratic Charter,” said Representative Eliot Engel, chairs of the Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere.

Really? The ball is in their court? That’s funny because I didn’t know you could get concessions out of people by showering them with undeserved gifts.

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  1. AN Appeasing wus. If he was president in 1941, we’d have sold our souls to the Germans and the Japs, to which he’s apologizing to.


  2. Don’t worry Henry,

    We lost this battle, but at the end we’ll win the war, it is just that is going to take longer.

    In time all these individuals that have embraced and sponsored this heinous act will be discredited.

    Personally I’m hurting inside because all that I’m witnessing today but somehow I’m not surprised.

    This heinous act within the OAS today took place because I feel the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave is behind it in some way shape or form, even thought he sends his Secretary of State to claim that Cuba should not be admitted until political openings takes place in the island.

    Hillary Clinton’s statements were just a bullshit act on her part to save face and look like she’s against the Castro tyranny, but we know better.

    But we know very well that today we have a Marxist in the White House (and his Secretary of State is another Marxist in disguise too) even thought the majority of Americans don’t understand this fact yet, in time they will.

    I would like to see this administration be put on the spot by members of Congress that demand stopping contributions to the OAS, but we know very well it won’t happen.

    If Senator Bob Menendez would have any spine, honor and dignity he should take this administration and his party to task on this issue, but I’m sure that he won’t have the balls to go that far.

  3. if the US has any balls, which this administration apparently cut them off and sent them Iran and North Korea, they’d have told these wankers, go form your own group of dickhead leftists. THe OAS charter says you need to be democractic. So these wankers are saying, “nevermind” … all to appease Ortega and Chavez. I bet the SOS and POTUS and getting their knee pads as they kneel before chavez, castro, ortega and morales.

  4. You’re so right Mike,

    Don’t worry, sooner than later North Korea (and Iran afterwards) are going to put this administration and the American people in a reality check.

  5. Come on amigos! It’s actually a SHREWD and BRILLIANT diplomatic move!!!

    Didn’t you read?

    “The Ball’s now in Castro’s court.”



  6. What transpired today in San Pedro Sula should not surprise anyone.

    This administration got the outcome they desired, so we can hear useful idiots like Dan Restrepo pontificate on how we “won” by putting the pressure on Cuba, as you indicated Henry.

    Mel Zelaya Rosales, for internal reasons (he is doing everything he can to remain in power past January) orchestrated this circus maximus with FM Patrica Rodas, a disgusting guerilla fighter who was trained in Cuba.

    Not one word about any problems, be they social, economic, trade, etc. in any of the member countries, just whether they should reward a 50 year, Stalinesque regime…

    And as is so aptly mentioned repeatedly on this great blog, Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet and others remains in a Hell hole…

  7. That lefty OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza bears lots of responsibilty too on this issue as I have seen over the years how he has ignored Venezuela’s oppossition pleas to him regarding Hugo Chavez’s abuses of power.

    Unfortunately Condoleza Rice had the opportunity of stopping his election to the OAS General Assembly years ago and she was outfoxed by the lefties.

    Back them it was obvious to me that she didn’t know her head from her ass on how to deal with the lefties and the lefty movement south of the border.

    I personally don’t feel that Condoleza Rice was a good Secreary of State for the Bush Presidency, I think that she was way overrated. Maybe she was good to deal against the Soviet Union during the Cold War days in another administration, but not in this scenario.

    And former President Bush too sat on his ass not doing enough to stop the lefty movement south of the border and today we see the consequenses of his innactions.

    This scenario would not have happened under Ronald Wilson Reagan. We know very well how much he stood-up to Daniel Ortega and company.

  8. cemiami1,

    You’re so right, Dr. Diaz Elias Biscet roots in jail, while all these treachery takes place.

    There are days when I wonder if God is taking notes and preparing justice or whether he’s just letting the evil ones run amok creating havoc and causing pain and bloodshed

    I wonder when it is all going to stop and justice finally prevail.

    Sometimes I wonder…

  9. I sure hope they don’t hold their breath because the Cuban government (AKA fifo) is not going to do anything.

    Then again, this must have been one of the happiest days of hilary clinton’s useless life.

  10. I hate to say this, but the way I see it, the only thing that is going to wake people up is another 9-11/Pearl Harbor; only this time it will be nuclear. People have lost the ability to recognize threat. God help us all.

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