Cleveland School Honors Torture and Mass-Murder

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

The 14 boys, all seniors, traveled to Cuba as part of their contemporary American journalism class. The class was taught by visiting scholar Ed Rabel, who was the Pentagon correspondent from 1997-93 and Cuba expert until 1998 for NBC News.

The entire outrage here.

Please note the pictures: Teacher, Mr Rabel proudly sits at the desk where Che Guevara signed thousands of firing squad death warrants!!!!

Smiling student Kaufman stands in front of the torture chambers and headquarters of Cuba’s KGB trained secret police!!

But hah! Could we expect anything less from an “NBC Cuba Expert”!!??


3 thoughts on “Cleveland School Honors Torture and Mass-Murder”

  1. Unreal. Here is the quote that has me riled up:

    “It was kind of difficult to see that other side. It was a little bit of a shock, to be honest,” Michael said. “But the Cuban people are very happy and energetic. I don’t think I’ve ever met more outgoing people.”

    Look, kid. In a few days you’ll be back home with your iPod, supersized burgers, and video games and these “happy and energetic” humble natives will be sadly and energetically searching for sustenance on the black market.

    Makes me want to shove my “happy and energetic” foot up the patronizing fuck’s ass.

  2. They, and many, many others, want and expect Cubans to be the human equivalent of an organ grinder’s trained monkey, or passive little animals at the petting zoo. When Cubans have the audacity of behaving like their equals, with the same exact rights and prerogatives, THEN there’s a problem. Then they’re seen as “rabid, ultraconservative mafiosi,” or something along those lines.

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