Cuba and the OAS

Today’s “big news” is that the Organization of American States has lifted its ban on Cuba, thus allowing the island nation’s regime back into this “prestigious” entity.

And it is, indeed, big news. Infuriating news as well. Unfortunately, not surprising at all. We do live in a world where the President of the United States is a socialist; where it is rumored that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – who “applauded the lifting of the ban – once traveled to Cuba to cut cane; where a moron like Hugo Chavez is the head of what was once a rich country; where countries like China and Cuba are members of the United Nations Human Rights Council…etc…

So, yeah, there’s gonna be a shit load of stories today on the great news vis-a-vis Cuba and the OAS.

Unfortunately raul castro and company wont be taking in much of this news today, tho. They’ll be busy. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet they’ve already moved on to the next step.

Right now, raul is standing outside the doors to the World Bank, waiting for it to open, “Outstanding Member of the Organization of American States” Certificate in hand.

Think the castro regime has been a plague on this Earth for fifty years? Just imagine the regime with access to billions and billions of borrowed dollars.