5 thoughts on “Here’s the Myers Indictment for Spying for the Cuban Government”

  1. Since they like Fidel Castro’s Cuba so much, poetic justice demands that they be treated the way spies are treated in Fidel Castro’s Cuba: execution within days of their arrest, after a kangaroo-court show trial.

  2. these people prefer death. Put them as regular inmates with the scourge of a max. security prison for life. Make them want to prefer death. The Death Penalty is the easy way out.

  3. No doubt they were only trying to protect US interests from that evil Miami Cuban-American lobby. And hey, it’s just Cuba right? That happy place suffering from the “embargo.” Surely they were only trying to help the victims of US imperialism and oppression.

  4. Castro also has friends that are very open about their relationship with the Cuban government. They are called Cuban Business Consultants and they are pushing for the embargo to end, but without wanting any real political change. Political change would upset business deals that they have already worked out with the Castro brothers. The problem with these people is that they have the undivided attention of our politicians. Some of these consultants had high-ranking positions in the past, having worked for past U.S. presidents, so their credentials are very impressive. They are like a wolf in sheep’s clothing because they are also the consultants that the U.S. State Department goes to for advise about Cuba.

    Castro blames the U.S. Cuban Embargo for the poor economic state that Cuba is in. He has gained global sympathy because of the hardships he claims are caused by the embargo. Castro has convinced our politicians of this propaganda because he has had the help of American business consultants, which specialize Cuba investing. It is well known that Castro has been skimming money from Cuba’s governmental agencies for years and instead of re-investing it in his country and his people, he has been depositing money in hidden bank accounts around the world. He has been making money from joint ventures with foreign companies and has been involved in drug trafficking for decades. Castro wants to legitimize the propaganda of Cuba’s poor economy because of the embargo. He wants to keep his hidden wealth a secret to the world and so far has been successful in fooling the world.

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