Omaha Beach Hero, Grayston Lynch

When he landed on Omaha Beach the skies above him were filled with U.S. planes. When he landed at the Bay of Pigs……well we all know the rest of the story.

Grayston Lynch carried scars from Omaha Beach, the Battle of the Bulge and Korea’s Heartbreak Ridge. Battling through those dust-ups earned him two Purple Hearts, two Silver Stars, and the Bronze Star with V for Valor.

But the only dust-up that inspired him to write a memoir was the one at Bahia de Cochinos. Lynch had then retired from the Army and served as a CIA officer. As such he helped train the invading Cuban-freedom-fighters, charges he described as “brave boys who had never before fired a shot in anger,” but who inflicted losses of 20 to 1 against their Soviet-led enemies.

Defying orders, Lynch was the first man to set foot on the Cuban beachhead and the first to fire shots at the Castroite defenders. With his men blasting out a beachhead, Lynch motored back to his Assault Landing Craft just offshore to serve as the CIA’s “point-man,”and liaison with Washington.

“They fought like tigers,” writes Lynch in his superb and revelatory book, Decision For Disaster, about the Cuban freedom-fighters he trained and befriended, “but their fight was doomed before the first man hit the beach.”

Sadly, Lynch’s book crashed against the brick wall of a “love affair” not only “slobbering” but downright pathological. I refer to the Beltway’s with Camelot. Only in their sweetest dreams can Obama’s handlers envision such a media love affair with a U.S. President.

To this day the ahistorical idiocies parroted on such as The History Channel and PBS regarding the Bay of Pigs owe much to this lingering love affair. Grayston Lynch’s book sets the record straight–and from a participant in the very middle of the ferocious and tragic battle. The battlefield heroism and pleas from the freedom-fighters came from one ear of his radio headset; the replies from his Commander-in-Chief’s spokesman from the other.

So it’s worth citing Lynch as the freedom-fighters expended their last bullet and he helplessly listened to them pleading for more: “Never have I been so ashamed of my country. Tears filled my eyes,” along with his tribute to his doomed Cuban band-of-brothers: “they fought magnificently.”

And Lynch should know.

(The untiring hero, Grayston Lynch, passed away last August. I heard the services were packed to suffocation with teary-eyed Cuban intransigents and crackpots.)

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  1. Obama’s done and is doing just fine, thank you, in terms of unfounded adulation and ecstatic approval from the media and the establishment. But yes, the Camelot thing was WAY over the top.

  2. I met many of Grayston’s colleagues a few years back when I went to Alabama for the unveiling of the Lobo Flight Painting, now on display in Langley.

    All of the men there had the utmost respect for Grayston Lynch, many of whom cried as a few moments of silence where held in his name.

  3. This morning as I drove to work listening to the WWII stories of the brave men and women who hit the beaches at Normandie..I could not help but think of OUR HEROES..The men of La Brigada de Asalto 2506.
    I have always been proud of my country. My father and uncles served during WWII. One of my Cuban born uncles served in Korea. I saw service during the Viet-nam war and during the Bay of a member of the USN. My brother also served during Viet-Nam. My nephew saw service during the two gulf wars and is still serving. A grand nephew is serving now in The Air Force.
    ON APRIL 17TH 1961 AND ITS AFTERMATES…I felt shame. Not shame in my country..but in the INCOMPETENT FOOLS WHO WERE AT THE HEAD OF IT. Never was a commander in chief so inept and unqualified as JFK. The current Commander in chief may yet break that record.
    We need to keep alive in our hearts, all the Grayston Lynch`s that fought to keep our Nation Free and Safe. We Need to keep alive in our hearts all the Grayston Lynch`s, Americans and Cubans..who fougth and died on Cuban soil for the rights and liberty of a noble and good people. And last BUT not least…we, Cubans and Americans must always demand not vengeance but JUSTICE for the treason committed by the DEMOCTRATIC Adminstration of JFK against the people of Cuba AND The UNITED STATES.
    God Bless all our veterans.

  4. He was a great patriot and his book was an awesome indictment of those gutless bastards that betrayed Brigade 2506 and Cuban freedom. I strongly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it. We need to keep the truth alive.

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