I have heard this story before

The Washington Post has an interesting article today that gives us a little bit of background on the traitorous couple arrested last Friday for spying for the Cuban dictatorship.

He was a courtly State Department intelligence analyst from a prominent family who loved to sail and peruse the London Review of Books. Occasionally, he would voice frustration with U.S. policies, but to his liberal neighbors in Northwest D.C. it was nothing out of the ordinary. “We were all appalled by the Bush years,” one said.

What Walter Kendall Myers kept hidden, according to documents unsealed in court Friday, was a deep and long-standing anger toward his country, an anger that allegedly made him willing to spy for Cuba for three decades.

“I have become so bitter these past few months. Watching the evening news is a radicalizing experience,” he wrote in his diary in 1978, referring to what he described as greedy U.S. oil companies, inadequate health care and “the utter complacency of the oppressed” in America. On a trip to Cuba, federal law enforcement officials said in legal filings, Myers found a new inspiration: the communist revolution.

The article points out how Walter Kendall Myers and his wife Gwendolyn lived a life of privilege. He, the product of prep schools and Ivy League universities, was the son of a prominent heart surgeon. The wife enjoyed an even more privileged life that comes along when your grandfather is Alexander Graham Bell. All in all, the charmed life the Myeres enjoyed was provided by the capitalist principles this nation was founded upon. Their elite status was made possible by the hard work and ingenuity of their parents and grandparents, and yet they decided to turn against the country that made it all possible.

Unfortunately, I have heard this story before. It does not always end with the protagonists as spies for a sworn enemy of the United States, but the plot line is eerily familiar: elitist leftist Americans attacking the American way from their penthouses, limousines, and private jets.

During the Bush years, we were told over and over again by those on the left that people like the Myeres were not traitors, but instead patriots for dissenting. I guess to a certain degree they were right — the Myeres are patriots, but for another country.

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  1. And I worry that in this climate today of America blaming and apologies for America seeming popular, these guys might wind up being poster children instead of the scum that they are.

  2. Betraying your country to help a murderous and barbarous regime is unforgivable. They are fucking traitors, the scum of the Earth, the lowest of the low, right next to child molesters.

  3. Their crime is unforgivable, George, but my question is what made them go from a typical, angry, American liberal who thinks America is full of faults and Fidel Castro is wonderful — such as Medea Benjamin, Serrano, Rangel, Michael Moore, etc. — to a traitor who sells out the country that gives them freedom?

    How thin is that line between the two?

  4. Alberto; personally, I don’t think there’s any line at all. There isn’t any real difference between folks like Myers and Ana Montes vice people like Serrano, Rangel, Wayne Smith, Michael Moore, Andres Gomez, Aruca and all the other scumbag liberal-leftists that support the Cuban dictatorship. Myers and Montes simply violated a statute that says you can’t pass on classified information to a foreign power. But, Smith, Serrano, and others actively work with the Cubans to spread their lies in this country, while providing guidance on how to manipulate our system, thus helping the dictatorship keep its head above water, in spite of their horrible record on the island and their active undermining of the US over the years.

    Smith has visited the island on several occasions and has been seen commiserating with State Security personnel (I’m sure the same can be said of Gomez, Aruca and their ilk). Smith basically lobbies for the regime here in the US, as do many others. And media folks like Moore actively manipulate public opinion by producing propaganda that further strengthens the regime. Is there really much difference between them, when the bottom line is that they are helping perpetuate a 50-year nightmare? I don’t think there is. As I said earlier, Myers and Montes were just rabid and stupid enough to get physically involved with the Cubans in a way that landed them in jail. But, they’re no different from the other bastards/bitches that daily work against this country by ‘lawfully’ supporting such horrid regimes. Bottom-line…in essence…

    They are ALL treasonous scumbags!

  5. And let me add that, like most leftist/progressive/liberal types, they are hypocrites and cowards. Instead of leaving the country they were betraying and go live in the country they idolized and loved, they chose to stay HERE, in the evil ole’ US of A, and live in comfort. Courage of their convictions? Right. Motherfuckers should be executed like the Rosenbergs.

  6. I am beginning to think that an Ivy League education should disqualify you from government service.

  7. kghahn, you may have hit on something there. Unfortunately it is a prime prerequisite these days.

    I said this before but it bears repeating here. I am convinced that these bastards are bought and paid for by communists and planted to try to dispirit patriotic Americans and anti Castro Cubans.
    Let’s not let it work.

  8. I have a new name for all of you hardliners in Miami: “The Local Axis of Idiots.” I can’t improve on that.

  9. At the very least the FBI should have the names of all the handlers and “officials” from the Cuban Mission here in the U.S. that the Myers worked with. If these handlers have diplomatic immunity, (we all know they all work at the Cuban Interest Section) let’s see if the Obama administration sends them home packing.

  10. Richard if the hardliners in Miami and on this blog are to you the local axis of idiots, what does that make you for writing on here and trying to argue with such people?

  11. Honey, you’ll have to forgive old Richard, he just doesn’t have the intellectual wherewithal to debate any of us. For that matter, neither does he even have enough smarts to stay out of here. But he’s an inspiring presence for all of us, nonetheless. He, and the millions of bigots just like him, is the best they can come up with. With this in mind, we know for certain that it won’t be a Richard type and his band of morons that will defeat us, but only ourselves.

  12. Though I haven’t yet read the agent affidavit in the Myers’ case, it occurs to me that getting into the mind of these reprehensible types in order to figure out their motives is often a useless endeavor. They’re not rational; they’re inconsistent. Yes, they should go live in the gulag they support, but that’ll never happen.

    Whether they be malcontents who do it for money, or ideologues, or wackos with a grudge, or (like a lot of criminals) do the evil deed just because they can – the facts remain the same: who the hell cares what their motive is, they violated the law and should be punished accordingly.

  13. Hey Rich,
    I’m as hardline as anyone here and I’m 3000 miles from Miami in Southern California. You can call us the national axis of idiots. Since all lefties are good at is name calling, at least get the span right.

  14. So typical of you and your kind Rich — everyone who disagrees with you is an idiot. You’re the friggin Dali Lama. Or as I’ve noted before, you are Mr. Whoopi, the man with all the answers. Try getting laid for a change and maybe you wouldn’t be so friggin miserable.

  15. “Try getting laid for a change and maybe you wouldn’t be so friggin miserable.”

    Cigar Mike,

    I think that you just diagnosed Rick’s problem.


  16. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are still plenty of undiscovered or undisclosed spies going about their business. If Cuba could have a high-level spy at the Pentagon for years, where couldn’t place its people? And I’m not even talking about those who basically work for Castro unofficially or informally, essentially as volunteers, who are largely uncatchable. Now, if a small and relatively insignificant country like Cuba can do this sort of thing, can you imagine what the Soviets must have been doing all along? But of course it’s probably all just vast right-wing paranoia. Yeah, RIGHT.

  17. Guys, Rich is a tool for his comments but even the the most cursory review of Babalublog leads you to countless examples of name-calling against liberals that would make my even the most hardened blogger blush. Let’s not fall into a big vat of hypocritical outrage here. The outrage should be reserved for the Myers, who did something terrible for even more terrible reasons.

  18. The outrage should be for both the Myeres AND those who defend the tyrannical regime in Cuba, Caballero. You can cherry pick which Castro lover you want to be outraged about, but you know quite well you should be outraged at all of them.

  19. Alberto, from what I read, Rich wasn’t defending the regime, he was insulting you. Those two things are not the same.

  20. He was not just insulting me, Caballero, he was insulting you and all the others who fight against the tyranny in Cuba. His racist rants and insults are the result of his inability to articulate an argument. So, if we do not agree with his way of thinking, devoid of any ability to debate an issue, he just calls us idiots. And he included you in that group, Caballero.

    You should be outraged.

  21. Don’t worry Alberto,

    We all gave Rich I strong piece of our minds in no uncertain terms.


    Check several posts made by Rich along the way and you’ll see a pattern of where he’s coming from.

    There is no way that any of us should stay silent to his string of falsehoods, insults and stupidities.

    On top of it, he’s totally unable to make a sensible argument with any of his posts. All he can try to accomplish is to insult us.

    Well, we insulted him too (as he earned our scorn) but unlike him we rebuked his bullshit, falsehoods arguments with strong points to which he was only able to counter with more insults (no sensible arguments coming from his side of the fence at all).

    If you ask me, he got what he asked for and I’m more than willing to dish out much more to him if he keeps it up.

  22. I’ve finally figured it out.
    Richard Buczek is a tool of the far right conservatives in this country. He is sent here as a plant for them to bring us together.
    Welcome to our side, Richard. Good Job!

  23. Rick exemplifies his bankrupt liberal philosophy:

    1. Immature
    2. Ignorant
    3. Indecent
    4. Cowardly

  24. Mambi,

    When you browse the web today (specially the MSM blog posts) you find many people like Rick.

    I guess is a sign of the times we live in and the stupidity prevalent in our society.

    No wonder America is in the sad shape that it is today.

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