Brave new world

Mary Anastasia O’Grady has a great editorial in the WSJ regarding the recent decision by the OAS to lift the ban on membership for the murderous dictatorial regime in Cuba.

It is true that the agreement ties the renewal of Cuban membership to democratic reform. Yet by lifting the ban, Latin America’s axis of evil made important strides toward its end game to redefine democracy at the OAS. The rights to property, transparent elections and free speech are not part of the new definition. The fact that Venezuela is still an OAS member despite the military government’s assault on organized labor, religious expression and the press signals where OAS standards are headed.

Don’t count on the U.S. to help much, either. Though Washington opposed lifting the ban, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is not herself a big proponent of freedom. Asked in an interview in El Salvador about Cuba’s membership vis-à-vis the political prisoners, she chose to speak instead about “our shared values,” of “lifting people out of poverty in our hemisphere, narrowing the intolerable income gap that exists between the rich and the poor in our hemisphere, working for greater social inclusion, improved education and health care.” Millions of Latins living under repressive states were no doubt disappointed that Mrs. Clinton’s list did not include “making the trains run on time.”

As usual, Ms. O’Grady gets it right. Read the entire editorial HERE.

2 thoughts on “Brave new world”

  1. “Defining deviancy down” indeed.
    This is not the fault of Hillary or Obama or Pelosi or any of those clowns.
    The acceptance of these new definitions is entirely the responsibility of those Americans who either have their heads in the sands or are so invested in Obama worship that they will not let themselves confront what they are allowing to go on.

  2. No matter how lousy or downright repellent our politicians may be, they’re not the real problem. The problem is that there are enough voters to elect them and keep them in office, or at best replace them with similar types. It’s very, VERY disturbing.

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