The media is NOT in the tank for Obama

Contrary to the rumors being spread around by the vast right-wing conspirators, the media is not in the tank for President Obama. The media is as impartial as they have always been when it comes to dealing with human leaders. However, when you’re talking about a deity, that’s a different story.

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas is an impartial journalist when he addresses the issues affecting the US and the world when it has to do with mere mortals. But, who can blame them for losing all that impartiality when it comes to Obama? Obama is not a mortal — he is a god. A wonderful and loving god. Obama is… their god. And what else can they do but to show their deference to the Holy One?

I leave you all with the following verses from the book of Obama:

Chapter 4, verses 22 through 27: 22. And behold, Obama raised his hand and the holy teleprompter rose from the earth, its mystical and holy words visible only to the chosen One. 23. Obama read those words and many rejoiced and were comforted, although the words were meaningless to all them. 24. And like lightning that strikes from the east to west, Obama left the multitudes and entered the holy flying craft, Air Force-One. 25. The multitudes chanted his holy mantra, “yes we can, yes we can,” as they watched the holy Air Force-One lift to the heavens for Obama had named this night a holy date night. 26. While the multitudes searched for morsels to eat, their empty stomachs rejoiced that Obama was enjoying an expensive dinner at a trendy, yet holy, Manhattan restaurant with his trendy, yet holy, wife, Michelle. 27. And the multitudes also rejoiced that after their holy dinner, the One and his holy wife were then going to enjoy an entertaining and trendy, yet holy, Broadway show.

This is the word of the One.
Thanks be to Obama

13 thoughts on “The media is NOT in the tank for Obama”

  1. All along I was going to invest into Vaseline and toilet paper manufacturer stocks.

    Is this still a good investment opportunity?

    Or, should I diversify a little more?

    Please provide investment advice.

  2. Yesterday, on the way to work, I was reading the Metro paper [which in NYC is distributed for free in subways] and curiously enough they quoted a French man who saw Obama on his trip to Paris [where according to the paper everyone was practically orgasmic] and he said, I quote directly: I SAW GOD!

    Hmmmm, NAH, it’s our imagination. The media isn’t anymore pro-Obama than they were Bush I, Bush II or Reagan.

  3. I think we should stop having presidential elections. Just have Hollywood pick out a suitably stylish, “elegant” and smooth operator for everyone to fawn and swoon over, and be done with it. Evidently, that’s good enough for a majority of people. It’s certainly good enough for Sean Penn: case closed.

  4. Call me a Crazy Cuban, but the similarities between Obama’s America and Cuba in 1959 are getting scarier all the time.

  5. OmarD,
    January 20th when Obama began his work so quickly, I saw our fate leading to becoming like Cuba.
    Many told me it couldn’t happen here. But it will happen. But it is not because of this slew of people running the country; it is because the American people are not standing against it.

  6. Oh, and we still haven’t caught Osama. Obama, what gives? How can we adore you when you continue to ignore or go back on all of those campaign promises?

  7. Then there was the one who said/screamed, “THAT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE!!”, Oh! I’m sorry, I don’t know if that quote came from a Cuban in 1959, a Venezuelan in 1998 or an American in 2008. I’ll do my research and get back to you.

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