Beat the drum slowly

I’ve spent all morning reading news feeds with articles on Cuba, looking for something fresh to write about. Problem is, all morning Ive felt like I was reading the same exact headlines and editorials and articles that Ive been reading forever.

Nothing ever changes in Cuba. Nothing.

3 thoughts on “Beat the drum slowly”

  1. Why not write about the group of American business consultants that are really running the show in D.C. They are those ex-diplomats that are entrenched in business ventures in Cuba, yet are also the advisors for our government, when it comes to needing advise on Cuba. They are making money with their dirty little side deals with Cuba and they have convienced our government that we should end the embargo without changes.
    Those are the guys to worry about.

  2. We’ve written about the trade expo group many times. Just search for “Sherritt” or “Sol Melia” or Cuba Trade Expo.

    Thing is, this group has been doing the same exact thing for years on end, so there’s really nothing new there.

  3. How about drilling off shore in Florida

    I am given to understand

    that the US Senate just gave


    this will “bollix” up Castro’s plans

    to have embargo lifted to get at Cuban oil reservers

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