Be bewy bewy quiet. Im hunting Bufo

This is a Bufo Marinus:


This is a Yorkshire Terrier:


If you live in South Florida, and if it happens to have been raining for days on end, and, if you happen to need to go out to the yard at night for a minute, make sure your Yorkie does not sneak in between your legs and squeeze through the back door as you open it. Because if Yorkie meets Bufo, Yorkie loses and you end up spending the night – if you’re lucky – at the vet hospital with a very sick dog.

We had that happen to us last night. Duke, aka The Dukester, aka The Dukester Makookster, aka Makookster, aka Maku, aka Maku Maku, aka Moko, aka Moco Moco, aka the Mokes, aka MY Mokes had a run in with a bufo last night. He came back into the house and after about 10 seconds started acting all funny. I knew immediately what it was.

I quickly tried to wash away the toxins from his little face but it was too late. Once it’s in his mouth or gums or tongue, you dont really have much time to act. The hysterically crying Mrs and I grabbed My Mokes and hauled his tiny, seizing behind to Knowles Animal Hospital about 4 blocks away. As I pulled into the parking lot the Mokester stopped breathing. My wife – bless her – grabbed his little wet snout and blew into his mouth – a little doggy mouth to mouth – and he started breathing again.

She rushed him into the vet’s and they acted so quickly that by the time I had walked in the door My Mokes was already on the operating table getting treated. There is no anti-toxin or anti-venom for the Bufo Marinus so they gave him Valium to calm the seizures, washed his little mouth out thoroughly and put him on oxygen and an IV drip.

It was touch and go for a few hours as there were concerns the toxins had reached his little heart. But the good Doctors and folks at Knowles stabilized him and took really good care of My Mokes.

Woke up early this morning and went to check on him. Poor little guy was really weak and already off the operating table and in his own private cage. He was asleep but the minute he heard my voice his little ears perked up and as soon as I approached him he struggled to get up, and made his wobbly way to me. I pasted my face on the cage door and My Mokes licked my nose.

Later this morning they’re gonna make sure he can eat, make sure the fever’s gone and that his little ticker is ok.

This afternoon, when I get home from work, Im gonna kill me some frogs.

17 thoughts on “Be bewy bewy quiet. Im hunting Bufo”

  1. Poor little Dukester! I’m glad he made it through, though. I remember a family pet that didn’t…=(

    Give him a big hug for me!

  2. glad to hear the pooch is ok. The toxin on those toads are a strong hallucinogenic which are known to be licked by the members of the Democratic Congress.

  3. Senor Mike ‘knocked it out of the park’ AGAIN!

    I live in NC and have tons of frogs around my house. My 2 dogs are Havanese and never go anywhere near the frogs.

    Hey Val, I’m glad to hear your Yorkie is OK, but…….
    Yorkie = not smart
    Cuban dog = muy inteligente.

  4. Cigar Mike,

    Not only the Democrats are hooked on toad toxins for quite some time but now a days the whole MSM, the lefties/liberal idiots in America (and even many regular people too) and so many around the world.

    The main symptoms of this poisoning are a total blind and stupid adulation for the “Messiah-in-Chief” that leads them to think and believe that he sits at the right hand of the father and was sent to earth to save us all from our calamities.

  5. Pal Carajo! Thank god we don’t have those creatures in South La! Their poison would make them unfit even in a Gumbo! And I love going’ froggin at night in my pirogue with a headlamp..Love the resulting frog legs too…

    But Pal Carajo!

  6. Val,

    Are these Bufo Marinus the famous “Rana Toros” we had in Cuba or different ones?

  7. HELL NO, MAN! Don’t even touch these bastards! Rana Toros (Bullfrogs) are what I (and millions of other froggers) go after at night for the delicious legs, like they served at El Caporal ( a sort of Popeyes or Church’s friend chicken) in pre-castro Havana.

    This Bufo is a Toad (not a frog) and an illegal alien, to boot! Not native to the U.S., a south and Central American creature. Amazingly, it’s been introduced in many sugar-cane growing areas around the world to control mice, rats and other pests that thrive in the cane fields–well, the cure turned out much worse than the ailment!A few escaped at the Miami airport in 1955, I read. The rest is (science fiction-like) history. Hideous!

    Besides Cajuns and rednecks, Bullfrogs have many predators (alligators, bobcats, napping turtles, cottonmouths, Bass, Gars, etc. etc. etc.)

    This Toad’s poison, however, means nothing can grab it!


  8. Now…this story had me on the edge of the chair. VERY HAPPY to hear that the littel guy is doing good.

  9. By the way I remember that the only time in my life I ate frog legs was back in Cuba when I was a kid.

    Taste like Chicken!


  10. Go get ‘im Val! The nerve!!

    We have a tiny poochie, too. We also have a turkey buzzard and a coyote that we have to protect little Pete Rose from. (Yes, her name is Pete Rose.)

  11. Well, I have a Chihuahua (actually he belongs to me 9 yr old daughter since his weaning like 7 yrs ago). Where I live we have woods, country, `burbs, failed inner city, more woods … Last summer the dog … Pup-Pup, aka, shithead, aka, I’m gonna f*cking KILL YOU!, aka, you’re gonna die, Pup-Pup … he was out in the backyard. I heard him let out a couple troubled yipes and I went to the backdoor thinking he’d finally caught up to the fat squirrel that had been dicking with him since spring. Pup-Pup was cowering against the screen door so hard I had to push him along with the door to get it open. He bolted inside while I stupidly asked (as if he’d answer) what was wrong. I looked up on the fence and there sat a huge hawk just outside the door.

    Evidently the bird must’ve mistaken Pup-Pup for the fat squirrel …

    Not a scratch, but Pup-Pup’s back hair was a bit tufted.

    BTW, Val, I won’t tell PETA on ya … Kill da frogs. Kill `em dead. Then kill `em again.

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