My little grief killer

As you all know, my beloved border terrier Gigi passed away last September 15. A day doesn’t go by that I don’t think of her and remember with love and joy the sixteen years she was with our family. My grief in the first few weeks after I helped Gigi pass, I hasten to add, was pretty bad. But God always works little miracles that you don’t realize are miracles at the time. The previous Memorial Day we had received a little gift of three new-born kittens — born, we think, under our shed. One of those cats, Dukie (a/k/a Duchess) has become a new member of the family. I credit her for helping me kill the grief I felt for so many weeks after Gigi’s death. I can officially state I no longer hate cats. She’s a cutie…

Dukie (a/k/a Duchess)
Dukie (a/k/a Duchess)

4 thoughts on “My little grief killer”

  1. Good for your George! I’m glad that Duchess has come to fill the hole left in your heart by Gigi’s lost. There’s no reason to hate cats. Cats are wonderful creatures with amazing qualities [including fearlessness] and they can be every bit as loving as dogs. I love dogs and cats and although I don’t have any now, because in NYC,it’s not easy to keep dogs and cats in small apartments, I hope to share my life with these lovable creatures some day soon.

  2. George, I also have my little grief killer. My beautiful rescue cat came into my life at a very difficult time and her love and total devotion helped me thru it. I never thought cats could be so loving but I receive so much love from my beautiful calico that I cannot imagine my life without her or any other cat in the future. Don’t get me wrong, I also love dogs, but my cat is very special. As you can see, I use her photo with my screen name.

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