10 thoughts on “California <i>über alles, tovarich</i>”

  1. My wife and I went to visit the local public school to check things out as my daughter is 4. One of the teachers went on and on about her “mission” so I asked her “what is your mission?” Her response ” I’m not here to teach your children how to read and right but to be good human beings”.

    Are you kidding me? Mira que la gente estan jodida.Is it any wonder so many kids are screwed up. This teacher is the poster representation for indoctrination. Clearly she is also a victim of it.

  2. They tell me I homeschoo because I want to program my kids. I tell them that someone is going to program them and it might as wel be me.

  3. Thats why most of the Ammo shops in California have run out of ammo.
    Its not going to be easy these swine to just walk in and take over.
    Lets see how many are willing to sacrifice for the Hoz y el Martilio

  4. My oldest son finished kindergarten in our local public school yesterday and I have to say that you guys must have the worst luck when it comes to these teachers. My son’s teacher this year was awesome and the growth in his writing, reasoning and math was really amazing to watch. I spent 12 years in Catholic school as a kid and teenager and never thought that my kids would go to public school but I’m pretty happy with what I have seen so far. Just saying.

  5. Caballerodeparis….you got to be happy that your kid is not in the public schools in my area. Here they are like zombies…no books on the way home. Just spray cans. Hell by 14 somes of the girls will be pregent and on welfare. And the guys..tagging up and down the streets while there mothers are out or “IN” with the lastest boyfriend. Fathers…which one..take your pick. Just saying.

  6. Henry,

    I don’t doubt that that is the case in many places. In my old neighborhood the public schools were like that. Part of the reason I spent 12 years in catholic school is because our local public schools were a war zone. That being said, there are a great many public schools in my state that just kick ass. I raised my experience only because so many of the other posters were so adamantly opposed to public education that I thought it was fair to show the other side.

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