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  1. Didn’t have as much hair but wore mine like that in high school … She had one hell of a great all-American smile. Sweet personality too.

    Her later and more serious roles were amazing and even overlooked. Hollywood and the media tried to turn her into a Marilyn Monroe buy only recognizing her sex-kitten persona.

    However she had quite a drama streak in her. Look to:


    The Apostle

    The Substitute Wife

    Small Sacrifices

    Margaret Bourke-White

    Nazi Hunter: The Beate Klarsfeld Story

    and the soul ripping:


    The Burning Bed

    For the record, I saw a movie or two that Monroe was in that completely moved away from the sex kitten role and she too was shockingly stunning.

    Sleep well, Farrah.

  2. They are breaking news that Michael Jackson also died; apparently he collapse in the morning and was in coma in a LA hospital…

  3. she was my first crush as a young boy when Charile’s Angels was first broadcast on ABC Television in the 70’s. I had that poster and a t-shirt with that image. Scary to see these icons of our youth get old.

  4. Farah was gorgeous and just thinking back to those days when she was on TV! Happy Days, Welcome Back Cotter…Final Exams after Disco-ing all night!

    So this is sad, My condolences to her family and friends.

    Alas, as a red-blooded Cuban, I still say she needed another 20 pounds or so–some curves, some voluptuousness–to be truly luscious, instead of just enticing.

    Behold the glorious physiques of Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner…Jane Russel. There was a day when women weren’t afraid to Va-Va-BOOM!

    Granted, more recently there was Ana Nicole Smith…But something about her intellect…ruined her allure.

  5. She was a real cancer fighter at the end, a great example.

    I used to think of her as just another Hywd bimbo, until she made “The Burning Bed” – never forgot that film. I’m really sorry she’s gone so soon.

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