7 thoughts on “Culture of Corruption”

  1. So what’s the problem? This kind of thing happens at the UN all the time. If it’s OK with all those oh-so-progressive non-American paragons of virtue, it should fly in DC. I’m sure Obama would agree, which of course settles any and all doubts.

  2. So, not only do they put the fox in charge of the hen house, they keep the Republican running against Sanford busy on this baloney investigation. Why did he accept the assignment?

  3. Dark days ahead Im afraid.

    As to this Sanford thing, granted he was AWOL from his duties as guv and may be guilty of crimes by doing so BUT his wife had tossed him out and he turned to a woman he had known for yrs. Its an affair of the heart…not public biz in my opinion.
    Im sure there is a lot more to the story but the cheering for the wife and slamming the other woman isnt right.

  4. The mistake Sanford made is he knows he is a public person and one with a target on his back, like Palin, because he is always mentioned as a favorite for the Republicans. Why be secret? If it was known that his wife threw him out, why not say to his crew that he is going to meet a woman he knew and ask for their discretion about publicizing it. If a couple is separated, there is no need for secrecy; one has a perfect right to go out. It was that he lied and skipped out secretly and they didn’t know where he was. One word of inconsistency and the msm is happy to have more red meat to use to ruin a conservative’s reputation. He knew this.
    A person who wants a public job like governor, especially a conservative one, has to choose between affairs of the heart and his public duty. And he also has to decide if the lies are worth it.
    I guess they weren’t.
    That said, I do wish the standards would not be different for liberals and conservatives as far as the press is concerned. And I am unhappy that the self serving GOP is so ready to toss him to the wolves already.

  5. IMO, he nailed the lid on his coffin when he used public money for his tryst travel. He is paying it back, but IMO, he should resign. Honey, I have to disagree with you about the different standards. In my mind, higher standards is what the Republican party should stand for. A man who lies, and steals from tax-payers, is IMO, not fit for public service. If we want to win we have to stand on principle, otherwise, we might as well toss our votes to the Dems.

  6. In this case Sanford made so many bad decisions that I am indifferent to his having to leave office if he is forced to.
    Understand, I am very much in favor of bringing back shame to the public square. It is most unfortunate that Moynihan’s famous “defining deviancy down” is the rule these days. So the ideal I am very much in favor of.

    But we are human beings and people will sin and attempt to atone.

    It just rankles me that because the dems don’t have any moral standards their guys can do anything no matter how blatantly against societal norms and not only stay in power but get worshiped.

    But, I agree with you. I just hope we don’t run out of decent people to represent us on our side.

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